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  1. You will most likely be in the next batch of interviews! The embassy releases interviews every mid month, so expect to hear from them no later than mid Feb.
  2. It really is up to you! Unless somebody here has experienced going to an interview without a medical completed recently that would be good to know! If it doesn't work out you will just need to rebook your interview to later date after your medical. 👍
  3. Yes I believe there are some interviews happening next week. When did you get DQ'd?
  4. The thing that has changed since towards the end of last year 2021 is that the Embassy have been scheduling interviews about 2 weeks before the actual interview. Usually they would schedule an interview around 4 weeks giving enough time to book a Medical exam. Yes for sure Visa Medicals is probably under staffed / possibly working through maybe limited number of people per day due to covid safety. When I went for my medical exam a few weeks ago the doctor there told me she was going in Saturdays to catch up with the backlog. No they don't open on weekends and she was working overtime out of her own will. She also managed to get my medical results to the Embassy in less than 7 days. I was really impressed. The embassy seem to be working very efficiently, however Visa Medicals I think are struggling with the capacity. The two don't seem to correlate with each other in terms of appointment booking at all. They are probably just working individually trying to get through the backlog of people. To anyone who is trying to book a medical before their interview - your best bet is to call everyday for cancellations.
  5. You need to have your medical before your interview. The embassy will not interview with an incomplete medical exam.
  6. Yes you are totally right about that. And great for explaining the rest that follows, thanks!
  7. *The medical exam and interview are the only things that are actually processed in the UK itself. UK applicants are thrown into the pool of the US immigration system just like everyone around the world who are all waiting around for the same process, which is currently up to 15-18 months. Some have been lucky and can be all done within 10 months. But that is probably 1/5 cases. It really is down to the processing centre which your application falls to, that you provide all the correct documents needed at the NVC stage. There are the variables which you cannot entirely control, but patiently wait and make sure that you provide a strong case of bonafide relationship evidence and avoid any request for more evidence which can delay your case by months. Now that you know that there is no faster route, you asked which has a higher chance of success rate? That would arguably be the CR1. There have been many K1 denials across the board and some people argue and become quite defensive when this is discussed. I would suggest in doing your own research there. The UK is not seen as a high fraud country, but in just knowing that K1s are more prone to denials - it is up to you what you do with that statistic. The CR1 visa was stronger during the pandemic because it was seen as a priority over K1s (which processing stopped entirely for about a year - so you can imagine the backlog) and also it allowed people to still visit their spouses during lockdowns. K1s eventually were allowed to visit the US if their petition had been 'approved'. Other strengths of the CR1 are it allows people to work immediately when arriving in the US. Plus they can travel in and out without having to wait for Adjustment of Status (K1). As a K1 visa holder you also have to wait for a work permit, which at the moment is taking up to 11 months. If you are not ready to get married then go through with the K1. It really is entirely down to you, with enough research about each visa which one is more suited to your needs. Good luck!
  8. Congratulations! I noticed the sky pool in the opposite building too, was staring at it for a good few minutes in awe 😂
  9. Hello! So the chest x-ray is taken from the back. You press your chest up against a box and they will give you a lead shield to hold in front of your body. Do you have proof to show that your are pregnant? Such as a doctors note/blood test result. You will need this incase you are due for any vaccinations and being pregnant can make you exempt from specific ones such as MMR. The doctors and nurses are extremely helpful there and will make sure that you won’t be doing anything to damage your baby. Hope that helps!
  10. Keep calling up Visa Medicals for any cancellations. You have a good few weeks until your interview, some people are bound to cancel their appointments from now until then (especially with covid still around). It worked for me and another member here on VJ, good luck!
  11. I-130 Submitted: November 10, 2020 Petition Approved: August 21, 2021 NVC DQ: December 8, 2021 Appointment Announced: December 30, 2021 Appointment Date: Jan 13, 2022 Hello everyone! We also received our interview date this morning at around 11am, which was totally unexpected. Seems like a few of us have received January 13th interview dates this morning (addocap and another member) I managed to book my medical for the 6th January, due to someones cancellation. It was pure luck. I thought the London embassy gave out interviews once a month, mid-month... so it's very surprising that they handed out more right at the end of December. We were expecting to hear something mid January for Feb interview. Hope it isn't a glitch of somesort!? Otherwise, extremely happy to be almost done with this process!!
  12. From what I'd seen recently, it takes 1-2 weeks for them to send an appointment email, scheduling an interview 4-5 weeks from that email date. Though someone on the UK facebook group today said she was DQ'd last month and still hasn't heard anything. So maybe the London embassy has slowed down. I think we will hear soon though about any January interview dates. I'm not complaining though if I have to wait till February! Nothing worse than feeling rushed, even though I have waited over a year for this to finally happen 🤣 Keep an eye on here for US London embassy appointments dates:
  13. Yup that is correct! There is no need to login to CEAC if you get the 2nd email saying you are DQ'd. Both emails came at the same time for us! Though I am curious and will login to CEAC now and see whats changed.
  14. Guys!!! We got DQ’d. They emailed us at around 11am California time. First and only submission was 14th September, and we added re-scanned document on the 15th September. Now we will wait for our interview to be scheduled at the London embassy Good luck everyone! Looks like September is going through 🚂💨 .
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