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  1. APPROVED!!! Had my interview this morning at 7:15am (!). I got there at about 7 since it said not to arrive more than 15 mins before and there was already an enormous line. It probably took about 20-30 minutes just to get inside the building and go through security. Then take the elevator up to the 8th floor for more waiting (there's also restrooms up there which is helpful!). Then you check in and they send you to another little waiting area to be called up for the interview. The officer called me in sometime after 8 and he asked me if I was late or if there were a lot of people which slightly caught me off guard, lol. But I said it took a while to get in because there was a big line. Anyway, we started off with the civic questions: 1. Name one state that borders Mexico 2. When do we celebrate independence day 3. What does the judicial branch do 4. Why did the colonists fight the British And I can't remember the other two. Then he asked me a few questions about my application (e.g. have you ever been cited (I just had a parking ticket, he didn't care about that), whether I was a part of any clubs, if I ever had been a part of the communist party, etc). Then there was a lot of typing which was slightly anxious making - I'm like WHAT'S HAPPENING?! - and then he was like ok, just waiting for the background check to go through, then will give you the info about the oath ceremony - which is TOMORROW! I'm so relieved! Almost there!!!
  2. Hi everyone! I have my interview at LOS next week (AAHHH!!!) and just wanted to make sure I've got all my ducks in a row. I'm bringing along all the forms they say to bring on the notice letter, as well as any docs I uploaded when I applied online, but is there anything else I should bring just in case? Heard some people bring tax statements? Next question - I've heard people say they go through all the yes/no questions on the N400 as well - just to clarify, are those the questions in "part 12 - additional information about you"? They ask all 50 of those questions again? Thanks in advance for the help I"m getting quite nervous/excited!!
  3. Hey all! I filed at the beginning of March, had my biometrics done done on Monday and just received a notice for my interview for end of August. I'm in Los Angeles and expected the process to take over a year, so I'm a little in shock how fast this has all gone!!
  4. Hey all! I just had my biometrics done on Monday and I already got an interview notice for the end of August (I filed N400 in March). I'm a little in shock at how fast this has moved?! My appointment is also at 7:15am at the LOS office, I didn't realize they opened that early, lol! I have a question - I'm studying the handbook for the test, and for the questions where there are are multiple right answers - e.g. "What does the Constitution do?" - and the answers listed are "Sets up the government," "Defines the government" and "protects basic rights of Americans" - do we have to list all of these, or just once? Thanks so much
  5. Wow! Less than a year from filing is awesome. What a pleasant surprise! 😃
  6. I filed yesterday! Hit my five years of permanent residence in February.
  7. Super confusing, and to make it even more confusing, I just realized there are in fact TWO field offices in Los Angeles - one that goes by "Los Angeles" and the other "Los Angeles County" - THANKFULLY because I only moved a short distance, both my zip codes are in the "Los Angeles" field office - but if I had moved further out of the metro area of the city, I might have fallen under "Los Angeles County" - but thankfully that didn't happen. Phew!
  8. Gotcha, thank you! I just filed my N400 and my zip is at the Los Angeles field office. Says a 13-16 month wait though my profile estimates November 2021 - guess we'll see how accurate that ends up being lol. Good luck with your interview - so soon!
  9. Anyone happen to know what the difference is between the "Los Angeles field office" and the "Los Angeles County field office"? I went to check wait times on the USCIS website and was confused to see the two of them listed. I can only find existence of one office downtown on North Los Angeles street...
  10. Lmao, thanks all. I was so relieved to have submitted and then of course woke up in a panic this morning that I had done something wrong. 😂 The phrasing of it is slightly confusing though - it makes it sound like you only have to satisfy 3 months in the state or district of your field office. But after reading around, it sounds like that's because some bigger states like CA have more than one office, whereas some smaller states might only have one.
  11. Hi everyone - I just filed my N400 (woohoo!). I moved to a new apartment a couple of months ago (within the same county, in fact only 10 mins away from my previous apartment) - and I determined this didn't matter for purposes of the three month residency requirement as I am both in the same state and I am serviced by the same field office in both zip codes. Of course now after I have submitted I am overthinking everything and am now worried that I should have waited 3 months living in my new apartment? What do you guys think - am I ok here? Thank you so much!
  12. Sounds like the Biden admin is planning on reverting back to the old 2008 civics test, after this one got harshly criticized for being needlessly confusing and complicated. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/hamedaleaziz/biden-us-citizenship-test-change
  13. Ha, you're certainly right that I'll be anxious either way! Thanks again, I may look into chatting to a lawyer.
  14. Thanks for your response. That's the thing, the police report clearly states I was at fault so I'm not sure why I wasn't cited. It's making answering this question tricky...
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