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  1. Has anyone in Seattle, WA received a biometrics appointment?
  2. has anyone from Seattle and filed AOS in April or May received a biometric appointment yet?
  3. Well Seattle ASC has been open since July 13th but I haven't received ANYTHING about my biometrics appointment. Has anyone from the area received the appointment letter for K1 to AOS?
  4. My district's congresswomen REFUSES to help me because a pending job offer and family support is not a reason. Mind letting me know what reason you gave to them? It's been 4 months for me since I applied my AOS/EAD/AP.
  5. Has everyone been successful on getting a senator or congressman/woman involved in expediting EAD based on an expiring job offer? I emailed a senator in my district and they said a pending/expiring job offer that can solve a severe financial loss isn't a valid reason for an expedite request. I am not sure why they're saying different things while many people here have no problem in expediting based on a pending job offer. I can call USCIS directly to request on my own but I read somewhere it could be faster and more effective if I expedite through senator. Correct me if I am wrong -
  6. when did you file and where was your previous biometrics taken if you don't mind me asking
  7. Yes, I have all of them. I received the physical notices in 4 business days after the credit card charge happened
  8. I have physical NOA1s for my 3 applications. I just realized yesterday that the priority date field is blank on the letters. I have the received and NOA dates but the priority date is missing on all of them. Is this normal or should I reach out the the USCIS helpline ?
  9. My first attempt was rejected due to an outdated form. I printed all forms AGAIN just in case USCIS updated them while I didn't notice it. It's up to you but there's a chance that you might have left other fields blank but they ended up finding only 1 and sent you a rejection. If I were you, I would read the instructions and complete the forms again. Also, I re-used most evidence from the first packet but for some such as paystubs, bank statements and credit report, I included the most recent records just in case. My second packet was delivered and accepted. Some people reported that their applications were rejected 2 times in March or April so it's possible to get it rejected again if you don't get it right this time. I would carefully review them all.
  10. Interesting, I saw some posts that a couple of applicants got their EAD cards without their biometrics done. 1 person received their card in 2-3 weeks. Good luck!
  11. I'd send an email to the lockbox now. I sent an email waiting for 15 days after my packet was delivered because a USCIS agent suggested me to directly email them to find out about my case. It's been 15 more days since I sent the email but I haven't received any response about the email I sent to the lockbox yet. However, I got my receipt numbers a week after that so I am not too worried about getting a response from them now. It sounds like getting an email response from the lockbox takes a while as well. Also, I never got text messages from USCIS even though I submitted the e-notification forms for all of my applications. I saw someone also said they never received text messages but their credit card was charged/cheque got cashed out. I had to call USCIS to get my receipt numbers after I saw a credit card charge. It's been almost 5 days since my credit card was charged but haven't received texts from them yet. Maybe check your bank/credit card statement and call them too? Also another note.. I discovered that my AoS packet was rejected by calling USCIS before I received a rejection in the mail. I called them a week after my first packet was delivered to check on my case. The USCIS helpline was able to tell me my first attempt was rejected. I believe the system was updated right after the rejection was processed. I received my packet back 5 days after I found out about it from the USCIS helpline.
  12. I saw it too. It's under a thread called "EAD" for AoS from the work/student/tourist visa forum.
  13. mine as well but I sent my packet and it was delivered to the lockbox before the expiration update on i-485.
  14. According to the i-944 instruction, it's required to provide a proof even if you're a native English speaker. "Native English speakers, or other language if applicable, must provide documentation of language proficiency including language certifications. Evidence of language certification may include high school diplomas and college degrees showing that the native language was studied for credit. "
  15. Thought I should update here.. Took exactly 3 weeks (21 days). i-765 Case Was Received on April 14th i-131 Case Was Received on April 14th Credit Card charge on May 5th at 6:00pm EST i-485 Fingerprint Fee Was Received on May 5th 2020. I had to call USCIS to get my receipt numbers. The first four people we contacted through the helpline were unable to provide the case numbers, but the fifth one was....
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