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  1. Thank you for your response. I do have a sponsor who meets the minimum requirement, however, he has sponsored his mother-in-law before, but she has not returned to the states in over 2 years so technically her residency has expired. If I take this persons sponsorship do I need to show proof that mother-in-law is no longer on his list, or will this be automatically removed?
  2. Hello, I recently got an approval letter for my husband's I-130 application. I am a full time student and don't make enough to sponsor my husband, however, my dad who I am still a dependent of also does not meet the minimum income requirements, and a family friend who is willing to be a joint sponsor also does not meet the minimum requirements. Can both my dad and the family friend (joint sponsor) provide combined sponsorship for my husband? I just got off the phone with a USCIS officer and I asked her this question several times, and she answered yes and stated that they both would just need to fill out the I-864 form. I also asked her if there can be more than 2 sponsors, in which she answered yes. I just wanted some clarification, thank you in advance.
  3. Is the U.S. embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh currently giving immigration visas to spouses of U.S. citizens?
  4. I've been approved!!!😁 I just happened to check my case online this morning, and I saw an approval notice had been sent on September 16th. Does anyone know how long it will take for it to get sent to NVC, and for me to get notified?
  5. Hello! I saw that we both submitted our applications on the same day, but mine just got approved! Did yours get sent to NVC yet?

    1. waiting2


      hey, Congrats!! yes i just got NVC welcome email. it took some days to get the email, wasnt right away. noq we need to fill out NVC steps and get required docs.

  6. It stated to submit bona fide evidence. I was only with my husband for 1 month and didn't have financial evidence and such, so I submitted 2 letters of affidavits of witnesses, wedding photographer receipt, wedding hall receipt, wedding card, and my own personal statement explaining my reasons for not having financial evidence. Is this okay?
  7. Do you know how long it will take to get a response on an RFE?
  8. Hello, I am a U.S. Citizen and I submitted my I-130 application for my husband on February 8th 2020 and then I received an RFE on August 19th, which I responded to by August 31st. I saw 2 notice of date after submitting the RFE. Today I checked my status and it says " In Process USCIS has accepted your application, petition, or request, and it is under review. What does this mean? Has is it been approved or...
  9. I saw online that they sent an RFE online on August 17th, however, I didn't receive it in the mail until the 19th. I sent out my RFE a week later, and USCIS received it on the 31st. Will I be hearing back from them any time soon? Online it still shows how I should submit documents. I'm really confused, HELP!!
  10. Okay, is it okay if I submit additional documents like pictures and etc.? Or will this mess up the case? And I occasionally notice a date when I go to check my status, for instance the latest date that I saw on the website was August 14th; does this mean it was touched?
  11. Hey everyone! I already filed my I-130 application for my husband, however, I did not include an affidavit for bona fide marriage because I just submitted my marriage certificates and notaries. Is it still acceptable for me to submit it now, and does it have to be handwritten or just typed up?
  12. How did you get approved so quickly?

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