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  1. Where did you get those news? Is there anything about reopening for something? My DQ is june too.
  2. Oh that's true. I didn't read that part. But here they are not processing any kind of visas, as far as I know. We keep checking everyday.
  3. It actually is processing some kinds of visas. Including CR1s, the one we are waiting on. But there's nothing we can do but wait, it is just a lot of suffering, it's hard.
  4. Hi guys! Me and my wife are still waiting (for almost 2 years now) to finally be able to be together. Right now we already have our DQ for the interview in Rio, but the consulate is still closed. We read about the the reopening phases a long time ago and we just wanted to know if someone has any news or anything about when it will open again... this whole process is really stressful. Thanks everyone, stay safe!
  5. Hi everyone, does anyone has news or an estimated time of when the US consulate in Rio de Janeiro will reopen? I know we have to wait for official news, but me and my wife are really anxious because we have been apart for so long (our process started in Feb 2019) and we have been traveling to see each other as much as we could, but now because of the Covid it became even harder. Our NVC documents are approved already so we are just waiting for the Brazilian consulate to reopen to schedule our interview... I know we might not get any information now, but we're just hoping to maybe get some good news soon since a lot of the embassies and consulates around the world are opened already. Thanks for reading everyone, stay safe!
  6. Hello! We are about to apply for the NVC part of the CR1 process and we are not sure about one thing. My wife's income is over the poverty guideline for the couple, but since we will be in 5 people together on the same household we will get co-sponsors. The question is: should we get apply with two co-sponsors since it would make the income be over 250% over the poverty guideline or should we do it with just one to be enough for household number? Is there a problem to apply with more than one or a reason we should do just one co-sponsor? Thank you!
  7. I meant the stats here on VisaJourney. I kept checking everydays last updates on Nebraska transferred to vermont, it's a good way to keep track of cases.
  8. I saw yours too on the list!! Congratulations!!! Good luck with the next steps now!!
  9. Thank you so much! We are really happy and now stressed with the next steps haha. We sent the paperwork, when we did it there was no other option, we did everything handwritten. I hope you all can get it very soon too and if you have any questions just ask us, we'll be happy to help if we can! Good luck!!!
  10. Hello! We just got out NOA2 and we are about to apply for the NVC part. The new rules ask us to prove education level and I have an university diploma, we sent it to an ECE evaluation company so we could have the US equivalent certification (exactly what they ask on the public charge form), but now this company is shut down due to the Covid crisis and they have my documents stuck there. My questions are: Can I send the NVC application without it, just with the diploma and the official translation? or is there another way? Or if I should wait, how long can I wait to apply for the NVC part? Thanks for the help, I know it is a hard question and very new subject to everyone.
  11. Hello everyone! We finally got approved today! Our PD is 2-15-2019, from Nebraska and transferred to Vermont, it finally happened! Yesterday we got a notification of name change (a letter was typed wrong) and today we got it! I hope this means you guys get it soon too, I just wanted to share this to give some hope because we know how hard it is to wait without any news!!
  12. haha great! Thank you so much for your answer. I have an EF proficiency test and I am about to take TOEFL too, although it might not be a major factor, I would like to make it as good as possible, so I'll send them. I am also validating my University diploma in the US to send it with all the files to prove the education level. Thanks again for your attention!
  13. Hello! I have a question about the new public charge rule. I read that among the good characteristics you might show to have better chances on the approval is English proficiency. I am applying for a CR1 outside the US and I wanted to know how we could prove that, would TOEFL or TOEIC tests be accepted or help in any way? And if yes, how to use this diplomas when we file for NVC? Thanks everyone!
  14. Hello! We also haven't heard of it yet. NOA1 from 2-15-2019 and transferred Jan 22nd. I am currently checking on that case tracker app too and there is no i130 around our number with a decision. It also stresses us a lot seeing plenty of people getting approved from march and june while we stand still.
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