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  1. I am wondering if a green card holder is eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit and if so, is the Earned Income Tax Credit covered as a restriction related to "means tested public benefits" and the Affidavit of Support I-134?
  2. Hi all, I have not received any replies to my message about the feasibility of an ex-spouse serving as an interpreter and assisting the petitioner with her I-751 petition. I would appreciate anyone who feels that have some knowledge and or experience on this issue to provide their insights and opinions.


    Thanks in advance,


  3. Well, no one has replied to any of the questions I asked above; however I have researched a lot both on this site and on other sites about these questions and here is my understanding at this point: -As the ex-spouse, my information is required on the I-751 my ex spouse is filing (as divorced) on part 4; since she is filing as Divorced then I do not sign in Part 8. -I only read of a couple of questions relating to an ex-spouse serving as Interpreter for the petitioner; and the two opinions seemed to indicate that there are no reasons that an ex-spouse cannot serve as the interpreter for the petitioner. That then does require that I sign Part 9, as interpreter. I still do not see a problem in doing this; so I am planning on serving as the interpreter at the request of my ex-spouse. Any opinions from anyone one way or the other on this? - I have determined that I will not prepare the petition for the petitioner; so the question of being listed as the preparer is no longer relevant in my situation; however it is still interesting to me as a question that might be relevant to someone's situation in the future. Any thoughts on this from anyone? My ex-spouse has not yet filed the I-751 petition but plans to do so in the coming weeks (well ahead of the deadline) - so if anyone has any opinions or experiences on these issues I would appreciate seeing them. Thanks in advance, Btranquilo
  4. My ex-spouse is in the process of beginning to complete and file I-751 petition to remove conditions on residence. Our marriage was entered in good faith, we lived together for several months, then separated and are now divorced. While we are divorced we are friends and are in communication with each other. She has requested my assistance in completing the I-751 petition; I have reviewed the petition and instructions and have some questions. My ex-spouse, the petitioner, is filing (Part 3, 1.d. "married in good faith, marriage terminated through divorce). I believe she can provide substantial documentation that the marriage was entered into in good faith. My questions: 1.Page 2, Part 4 - Do I assume correctly that, as the US citizen (now) ex-spouse of the petitioner, my information is required on Page 2, Part 4? 2. Page 6, 1.b. - English is my first language and I am fluent in Spanish (the first language of the petitioner), is there any problem with me serving as the interpreter for my ex-spouse (whose English is fair but not fluent) in this petition? 3. Page 6, 2. Is there any problem with me also assisting my ex-spouse, the petitioner, in preparing the petition? Note that I am not an attorney. 4. Page 7, Part 8. As the ex-spouse, I am the individual listed in Part 4 which is referenced in Part 8; this section is confusing to me as it includes the words in parentheses "(if applicable). It does not seem appropriate for an ex-spouse to complete Part 8. however I cannot find any definition or reference in the I-751 itself or in the accompanying instructions to "if applicable". Am I correct in assuming that an ex-spouse would not complete Part 8 and is neither required nor is it applicable for the ex-spouse to sign the petition? 5. Is the fact that I provide some financial assistance to my ex-spouse (there are no children involved) and will continue to do so for a limited time at all relevant to the petition or appropriate as documentation of good faith of the marriage? 6. I cannot think of any conflict of interest that I, as ex-spouse, have in providing assistance to the petitioner. I can be of assistance in providing documentation of our marriage, shared property and finances, vacations and photos together, etc. However, I do not wish to harm her chances in receiving approval of the petition in any way. I have always felt that just because a couple obtain a divorce, it does not mean they have to be enemies, not cooperate with each other, etc. Are there any knowledgeable opinions about providing assistance to my ex-spouse as outlined above. I have emphasized to her the need to be totally honest in the petition. Thanks in advance for any assistance with these questions and advice.