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  1. We picked up my wife's passport with the visa today. There were about 10 people there who got their visas as well. I also heard that they conducted 47 Green Card interviews since September 16th. There was a news report that they're resuming non-immigrant (student, visitor, etc) visa interviews on limited basis.
  2. There were at least 10 people who picked up their passports with visas today. Non-immigrant and immigrant included. About 3-4 submitted their passports with visas to be issued until 9/30.
  3. We tried hand carrying them twice (with and without an appointment) and they refused to accept, instead asked to email them. No outside help, although we did send them multiple emails asking to expedite for specific reasons. Not sure how much that helped. Somebody I know who indirectly interacts with the Embassy said that new Consuls have arrived in Tashkent recently, maybe that sped things up.
  4. We got a phone call from the Embassy today informing us that my wife's visa is approved and asked us to bring her passport to them. CEAC status changed to "Ready". I think it will change to Administrative Processing and then Issued next. Thanks everyone for you guidance and help. Those who are waiting don't loose hope, God willing your cases will move forward soon. Good luck!
  5. I went to the US Embassy today with a US citizen services appointment request and tried to explain to the consul our situation and asked to take additional proof of relationship documents. While they refused to help with our CR1 case, they provided some information regarding CRBA saying that the process should not take more than couple of months assuming that you can prove 5 year US domicile. They said the most important factor in establishing citizenship for the child would be to prove that the US citizen applying for CRBA has physically lived in the US for at least 5 years and is a parent of the newborn. They also said that Tax returns or transcripts cannot serve as proof of US domicile. You can provide apartment leases, pay stubs, employment letters, college transcripts as acceptable proof. Thought I would share this in case anyone is or may be in the same situation in the future.
  6. My wife went to her CR1 interview in the beginning of August and was asked to provide additional proof of relationship. I went to the embassy with her as the petitioner, but they didn't let me in. Seems like they're slowing everyone down. I spoke to another person with a CR1 case who has been in administrative processing since November 2020. The day of the interview another older lady came out of the embassy saying that they requested additional documents from her as well. Not sure whether they're scheduling K-1 interviews at this point.
  7. I suggest printing a copy of the IRS Tax return transcripts. The embassy might request the transcripts like they did from us.
  8. I agree. I've spoken to another CR1 applicant who has been in AP since November 2020. We had zero email communication from the Embassy ever since we were scheduled for an interview. I don't understand what's the point of piling up additional work on the existing backlog. If all they need is proof of relationship, why not take advantage of my presence and ask me whatever questions they have. Our case is pretty straightforward - first marriage for both of us, no kids, I earn enough to support both of us, no need for a joint sponsor. Wife hadn't lived anywhere else, no need for foreign police certificates. If it's a security check, we both have clean records. We didn't lie on any of the forms, specifically wrote that she was denied an F1 visa. Provided all IRS documents. I'll be contacting the US representatives office if we don't get a response in couple of weeks. I also wrote to the department of Justice asking for assistance (not a writ of mandamus yet). Hope you’re case will progress soon.
  9. I called the Embassy today and left a message with the phone operator guy asking him to pass the message to the Consular section and the citizen services department. I told him everything that I wrote here adding that my employer is being affected financially by my absence as we're trying to get a certification from another government office for the product we're developing. Don't know how much this will help or whether they will even take it into consideration. Has anyone tried to knock on their doors through other channels? Department of State? President's office? It doesn't seem like they sent our case back to NVC or USCIS.
  10. Will do. We went back to the embassy at the end of the week after my wife went to the interview. The security guard called an employee to come out and speak to us. She refused to take the additional documentation saying we need to schedule an appointment through email (which they do not respond to) and said the immigrant visa officers only work on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as occasionally on Mondays.
  11. I'm having a thought here. Do you guys think it would be possible to get in touch with the American Citizen Services at the US embassy to hand carry the additional evidence that they requested in form 221(g) and ask them to deliver it to the consular section? They haven't been responding to emails that we've sent a month ago.
  12. I'd like to add to my initial post... The US embassy website that is specific to the beneficiary's country states the following: " If the petitioner for your immigrant visa –your spouse, mother, father, sibling or child – is currently in Uzbekistan, please bring them with you to your appointment. While their attendance during your interview is not required, the consular officer must verify that you and the petitioner have a bona fide relationship. It is almost always easier to demonstrate that you and the petitioner have a relationship if they attend the interview with you. For step-child cases, we often need to validate the relationship between the biological parent and the petitioner, as well–so it often helps if they come. We recognize that the distance and cost may prohibit the petitioner to attend the interview so this is not a requirement but it may expedite processing of your immigrant visa. To schedule appointment petitioners must send an email inquiry to our Consular Section. For instructions please visit our Contact Us webpage." I (the petitioner) did come with my wife to her interview and informed the security guard that I am the one who filed the petition. He responded saying he will ask the consular officer permission to let me in. The lady who collected the document said that I should wait outside. I don't believe she informed the consular officer that I came with my wife. At the end she handed the 221(g) form asking for proof of relationship. The text from the website clearly states that the petitioner's presence can help to verify a bona fide relationship. My wife did not inform the consular officer about this assuming that she was already informed by the lady who collected the documents. This just doesn't make any sense. They asked for proof and I am the living proof standing at their doorstep. And yet, they decide to not let me in and send my wife back asking for "proof of relationship". I told my wife to not force any information on the consular, answer her questions clearly and elaborate on details. They just overlooked a lot of information that was presented to them.
  13. Thanks everyone for your guidance and suggestions. I'll take them into consideration and make necessary documentation changes.
  14. This is correct. My wife is still overseas and is going through consulate processing.
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