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    Me and Fiancee have known each other since October 2004. I got here in the US 2005 and we've been using all means for us to communicate. I already went home 3 times, 2007, 2008 and just recently June 2010. I finally got naturalized after 5 years of us waiting and now ready to begin our Visa Journey through K1. I hope she'll get here soon so our 6 years of waiting will be worth it!

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  1. Haven’t heard anything from them yet since they got the HR request. It’s been 6 months since, so I might follow up in a few weeks.
  2. Same case as my bro. My dad passed away 2013, and my bro's case was approved prior to that date. Just about a few months ago, the petition went current, and we advised the NVC of my father's death. They sent the case back to USCIS and we were waiting for notification. A few weeks later, we received and email that they USCIS received the case from NVC and they were reviewing it. Months has passed and nothing was happening so I emailed the National Customer Service for USCIS. The officer stated that we need to request for Humanitarian Reinstatement as soon as possible. We didn't consult a lawyer. I did a lot of research regarding this and wrote a letter (signed by my brother) requesting for the benefit. We also attached supporting documentation (he's the only one back home and all of us, his immediate family, are already in the US). The letter was sent via certified mail to the USCIS service center where it was approved. I received an acknowledgement from the office that they received the request for HR and they advised that they only work these cases when they can depending if how busy they are. It has been three months since we received that letter. I will probably call next week for an update. Good luck!
  3. I'm not sure if this has been discussed here before. We filed an IR-5 petition for my in-laws and their interview is scheduled this coming Monday, June 19. My mother-in-law has a dismissed court case and "No Criminal Record" was noted on her NBI clearance. Being proactive peeps, we sent an email two weeks ago to USEM asking if the Letter of Explanation from NBI can be requested prior to the interview. BTW, all court records were sent to NVC during the initial processing. We received an email today from USEM containing a letter which she can bring to NBI main office for an interview. Also, she called NBI today and confirmed that her name was indeed forwarded to them by USEM and she's good to go tomorrow at 7am. My final thoughts are, if you have all the necessary paperwork to settle your NBI issue, then be proactive and contact the Embassy while waiting for your interview. This will save you atleast two weeks or more. I hope this helps!
  4. RichardShane

    Parent's Petition

    Thanks for your response. Yes! They are both scheduled for June 19.
  5. My wife's parents are going to so their medical exam at St. Lukes on May 14-15. My father in law has a scarring on his lung and we think that maybe a problem (Sputum Test). If my mother in law passes her medical exam, can we request for a separate interview for her so she can come here first? The reason I ask is because my wife is going to give birth to our second child and she wanted to atleast have one of them to come here to help. Thank you so much! Richard