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  1. Ah man, that really sucks It's a good thing that you were able to get a hold of an officer today though. I hope you will get DQ asap and that the rest of your visa journey will go more smoothly.
  2. I think you should call them right away then. I called today about a document that was denied for no reason, and the officer I spoke to corrected this mistake right away. I was DQ'd two hours later. I was on hold for about an hour, but I've read if you call them right when they open, you can get through faster. Good luck!!
  3. I didn't receive an email about DQ, I don't think most people do. You will get a message on the CEAC site though. If you click it, there will be little tab that says DQ. Here is a photo:
  4. Hi everyone, I finally got DQ'd! Could I be added to the spreadsheet @Hawk Riders?
  5. Hi! I saw your post about Pakistani birth certificate but couldn't reply to the thread. Could you tell me a bit about the process of getting an FRC? I've been living abroad since I was 2 years old and never got an Pakistani Identity number, and my Pakistani passport has been expired for years. Is it possible for me to still get the FRC? I have no one in Pakistan to get me a certificate either. I'd really appreciate any advice you have for me! 

  6. Submitted all forms/documents on Jan 8th. Hopefully will hear from NVC soon. Any other January filers here?
  7. Hello!! Thank you for creating the Montreal spreadsheet! Could you add my case to it (submitted all documents to NVC on 1/8/21)? Thanks :)

  8. Hi everyone! I'm in the NVC stage and just submitted the IV and AOS forms. I edited my comment because I found my answer shortly after 🤣 if anyone would like to share, how long does it take to get your rcmp check from commissionaires?
  9. My parents were studying in the USA from 2000-2004, and so I believe I was on an F2 visa. I attended preschool to grade 2 there. I asked my parents if they were ever asked to pay any fees to the school, and they said only the small registration fees/school trip ones. I really don't know how to answer this question... Is there by any chance I owe a lot of money to those public schools?
  10. Hi! I was wondering if you got your police check and how. Did you just select the "certified criminal record checks with fingerprints" option on the commissionaires website?
  11. If meet all the criteria but I have the pending i130 application, does that make me ineligible? Or is that something I can only find out once I apply?
  12. Not yet, but during the interview process, I was informed they are willing to go through the process. However, I did not explain that I have a pending i130. I want to figure this out before I hear from them, so I can decline properly if I am not eligible for the TN.
  13. Hi everyone. My husband is a USC and I am Canadian. I submitted my i130 in January 2020 and still waiting for approval. I've heard that the interview wait time at the consulate in Montreal is almost about a year. I'm honestly expecting the worse and think my i130 won't be approved for another few months. This means I probably won't get an interview till 2022. On top of being long distance with my partner for 5 years, I'm a recent graduate in a field that is more prominent in the states and am having a really hard time securing anything in Canada. I had planned my future life around moving to the US as soon as I was done school, so to think I may be unemployed for over 1-2 years because of the slow process is really devastating to me. I've had a few interviews with US companies but don't know how to proceed. I know I am eligible for a TN Visa and I've read about some cases where people with a pending or approved i130 were able to successfully get their TN. I'm just worried I will try and get denied, which would really look bad on my part (the field I aim to work in is verY close knit, I fear that word might spread that I am completely ineligible to work in the US). Sometimes I wish I could cancel my i130 If someone could advise me about my options with regards to working in the USA before receiving my spousal visa, I would really appreciate that. Thank you.
  14. Anyone else still waiting? Visajourney is now saying that my case is outside of the normal processing time I'm at Potomac right now and the current receipt date is sometime in Oct 2019. I've already sent a inquiry and they replied saying they process in order the applications were received, which isn't true So many people who applied after me got approved a long time ago. I understand that maybe some cases are easier, but they shouldn't lie about why mine hasn't been touched. I would be more at ease if I knew exactly why it's taking longer. Is there anything else I can do now? The interview wait time at Montreal is already nearing a full year, I really need my i130 to be approved as soon as possible before it gets worse.
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