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  1. The case number is not gonna be available until after NVC receives your petition (approx up to a month) and then it takes 1-2 more weeks for it to be generated however you can call +1 603-334-0700 to check if the case number is available at any time, best time to call is 7pm EST
  2. Thanks as always @Greenbaum, it says in the US embassy's website in my country they wouldn't process any visa request just for the month of April however every time I pass by I see it's closed and there's only a lady in the window so I assume they're not working at all
  3. Good day! I wanted to ask something, my petition is still at the NVC, my fiancée hasn't received anything in the mail or email since they got it, I understand all visas are on hold however, our NOA2 expires by July 31st, at this point while everything is so unclear I'm afraid embassies will not be open by that date, how do I request an extension for my NOA2? Is it done by my fiancée since the file is still in the US or is it done by me even though the embassy has no record of our petition yet? Can someone walk me through it? How do I do it? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks a lot!! I wasn't sure, I appreciate all your knowledge and willingness to help
  5. @Greenbaum sorry it's too late but I have a question, how should I answer this question? This is my ds-160. No body has ever filed a petition on my behalf aside my fiancee right now, is it referring to any other previous petition?
  6. Evening people, I just called NVC and was told they got our file last Friday but no case number generated yet, I just wanted to give you a heads up the rep told me they are assigning April 24th case numbers, so it's coming up people
  7. Same thing here, we were approved by April 1st and I called last Thursday they said it hasn't arrived, I'm anxious too cause I've heard it could get lost while it's being sent to NVC but I see we're not the only ones with this answer so it relaxes me a little bit
  8. Going crazy here seeing so much people getting the case number with NOA2 approval notice way after me and I call once a week, they still don't have anything 😓😢
  9. At this point believe me everybody is running out of patience lol
  10. Not sure but I haven't seen any changes neither aside approved on the USCIS tracker
  11. Not to alarm anybody but we were approved by March 31st, case status was updated until April 1st and still they haven't gotten anything yet, I called yesterday and will do it again tomorrow, crossing fingers
  12. The medical exam cannot be done until you get the order in writing from the embassy
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