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  1. They basically send ur visa to DHL office for you to pick it up. DHL 63 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent Wuse 11 Abuja is a regular drop-off location . However i don't know if anything has changed . Ur visa should be printed in like 3days though if it's not sent to Abuja and you're not in lagos as at then , U can get someone to pick it up on ur behalf though
  2. i don’t know; you can always call or email your locate consular office about what they require be done in that type of situation.
  3. then maybe you can start with whoever gave you that yellow fever shot and get that documentation. and then speak to someone in your family who might know where you can get info from earlier in your life.
  4. @juliusbliss GUY CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 safe and healthy journey overseas! Us next! 🙏🏾🙏🏾
  5. a copy of your immunization history is all the immunizing shots and injections a person must receive from a doctor/health care provider. you can get it from your primary doctor or whoever keeps all your medical records from birth.
  6. IME-US-REQUIREMENT.pdf Items to bring to your medical examination You should bring the following items to your medical exam: Your visa interview letter, Your passport, Five (5) recently taken passport-sized color photographs, and A copy of your immunization records. DS-260 confirmation page. Please allow at least 14 days to complete the medical examination process from start to finish. Make sure that you do not book your exam more than three (3) months before your scheduled immigrant visa interview at the consulate. You must pay all medical examination fees, including x-ray and blood test fees, directly to the examining physician.
  7. Prayers of protection and safety for your family in Ikeja in Jesus name. ❤️ All I’ve been able to do is post and post and repost anything my friends and family back home send me in TWITTER, IG, facebook etc. I know that some Nigerians on the east coast are in the process of collecting funds organized to aide the families of precious lives lost. As I know more, I will let you know and keep you updated.
  8. hello, i’ve been following yours and some other posts on here since we’re currently at the NVC stage of just waiting for interview appt date and notification. My husband has been sending me videos, live feeds, etc of the protest and #EndSars protests and police brutality in Nigeria. I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. What is the atmosphere on the grounds and what can we as people of the diaspora do to make noise about the danger our spouses/loved ones are in? I heard they’ve even closed Lagos Consulate office for 48 hrs. I myself am super scared about my husband being there because he lives and works in the heart of it all. Thanks in advance for your time; please stay safe.
  9. We recieved notice of being DQed 10/2! 🎉 Complied all documents needed for the consulate and now, await a communication with the interview date/specifics. Godspeed to everyone ❤️
  10. https://chat.whatsapp.com/DPltAFwKrCECBksWmdlawl for US bound flights
  11. Hi, i am a US citizen currently stuck in Nigeria. I tried clicking on the link to the whatsapp group chat and received a message saying i can’t join because the group link has been reset. please advise/assist me as I’d really love to be on that list of potential evacuees. Thanks ❤️
  12. UPDATE: Our I-130 was approved 05/20/20!!! Now onto the NVC stage! Best of luck to everyone!
  13. Super late to the show; hi everyone 😃 Form I-130 Package Mailed: 1/16/20 Package Confirmed Delivered: 1/21/20 Received NOA1 Text/Snail Mail w/ Receipt #: 1/24/20 checked online status as of My husband's in Nigeria and this immigrant ban mess is annoying, but I have a feeling Nigeria/consulate will do what's necessary regarding biometrics,etc. I've heard the talks are expected to yield positive results. Godspeed and successful filing to everyone!
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