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  1. Hi everyone, I'm happy to share we had our interview on Thursday and we were approved! We got the passport back today!
  2. Hi! Here is a breakdown of our expedite process: 11/24/21- Expedite request sent to NVC 12/7/21- NVC Acknowledged expedite request 12/9/21- Expedite denial email 1/18/22- Expedite approval email 1/19/22- "Appointment canceled" email received from NVC 1/19/22- Email from NVC: Case has been expedited and sent to Abu Dhabi Embassy (CEAC status changed to In Transit) 1/21/22: CEAC status changed to Ready 1/27/22: Email from Embassy with registration/scheduling instructions 1/28/22: Interview scheduled. We had almost a weeks wait from when the CEAC status changed to READY until the Embassy emailed us instructions. I would say don't risk trying to take steps without their instructions, it seems there are already issues in the registering system for people who even got ILs from NVC then went to register. Not worth the risk!
  3. I've heard of someones CR/IR1 appointment get canceled. The appointment was on Thursday but they never received any clear communication that it was canceled. (They did have some trouble registering the appointment online). Apparently they showed up to the Embassy and there were many others in the same situation. Very confusing and scary! I hope you get a new date soon!!
  4. Hi! It is not mandatory, I'm the petitioner and requested an expedite while in the UAE. It has been approved without any question of where the petitioner was during the time of request.
  5. I'm guessing the pandemic is the biggest reason why it takes so long. It's sad to see so many lives put on hold because they are stuck in this process. Our case was DQ and at NVC for almost 18 months. I know of others that are still waiting and some categories have individuals with DQ dates from March 2020 that are still waiting. Honestly if you believe you have grounds to expedite then I don't see why not? I don't think it hurts to try. Just make sure you include thorough evidence. I'm not sure of your circumstance but I have heard it helps if the hardship (whatever it may be) is focused on the petitioner.
  6. We completed our medical at NMC yesterday. It was walk-in. They said the results will be ready in 10 days. Apparently they are overwhelmed and that's why results take so long. It took us 6 hours to complete the medical, it was very slow! If anyone is planning to go soon, make sure you calculate extra time for it in case they are running as they were yesterday.
  7. After our expedite was approved they told us that the Embassy would need to receive it and review and they would then send us instructions to register online. That took about a week. Once we got the instructions email, we registered for the courier and then we were able to book an appointment. I don't think its possible to register without NVC issuing the IL or the Embassy giving you the instructions once they have received and reviewed your case.
  8. We didn't get an IL since we were expedited. We had to schedule it ourselves and found a slot yesterday for 2/10.
  9. This thread helped see timings of others who have expedited. Also, I believe they included in the acknowledgement email that I should receive a response in 30 days and if not, after that I can contact them? Double check, you may be able to contact them about it since its been 35 days for you.
  10. * Date Email was sent to NVCExpedite@State.gov: 11/24/21 * Date NVC Acknowledged and Replied: 12/7/21 * 12/9/21- Email received that expedite has been denied * Date US Embassy/Consulate Approved Expedite: 1/18/22 When we received the denial email we closed the book on the expedite and thought it was done with, however more than a month later were pleasantly surprised when we got an approval for it! I had no idea this was even possible!!
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