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  1. I truly feel like I am on the journey with everyone in this thread. Good luck to all the F1, M1 and CR/IR1-ers out there! Keep us updated 😊 and fingers crossed for some good news for K1s soon.
  2. Still not working for me. Still getting the Google sign in prompt. Which browser are you using? Are you on your phone or computer? I tried clearing my cache and it still happened.
  3. So far I have seen that Paris is also down and someone on Reddit said they were also have trouble with the Dominican Republic. Which ones did you see what were fine?
  4. So weird! I just tried France also just to see, and got the same error messages.
  5. I am receiving either a 404 error or a prompt to log in to a Google account with an @america.gov email address. This is happening on both phone and computer, in both Chrome and Safari.
  6. Is anyone else having accessing the UK US Embassy website? I am getting either a 404 error or a prompt to log into a google account with an america.gov email address.
  7. The embassy made an update to their website 8 hours ago but I can't find anything new. Does anyone know what the change was?
  8. Bolivia, Guatemala and Jordan have started scheduling K1 interviews for August.
  9. That would be the dream! Fingers crossed for only good news for all of us from here on out 🤞
  10. Yup! Hopefully this is just the phase 1 and things will keep moving in the right direction from here.
  11. People on Reddit have been saying they are able to book interviews for F1 in London starting August 3rd
  12. Stupidly optimistic is a full mood for 2020. Just saw this tweet posted on the US Travel Ban subreddit. Could be some good news? Maybe?
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