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  1. Just wanted to say hi--I am in Brooklyn too! Also you may be able to reschedule your medical for a few days time; there were a ton of appointments when my partner thought he would have to reschedule his due to the missing MH letter!
  2. Thats a good call actually- -thank you for the insight. I guess I was thinking it might just be easier for the GP to use the template from the medical exam. I cannot believe what a pain that was for you; I am sorry you had to deal with all that. We are willing to for find a psychologist if it comes to that (but I hope it doesn't!). Nothing is ever simple with immigration is it? (understatement of the century!)
  3. Thought I would add an update as well! My partner (T) was told visa medicals is one-in one-out so even though he turned up early he had to wait to be called in, which was about 10 minutes after his scheduled appointment time. In total he was there for about an hour and fifteen minutes; he handed over his documents to be scanned in and then mostly sat in the waiting room except to be seen for each individual part of the medical (urine test, blood draw, patient summary, X-Ray). He also needed two vaccines (MMR and Tetanus). They take debit card even though it says "cash or credit only" on the website. Everything is all clear except he still needs his Mental Health GP letter, but they told him once he has that to send it in and then they will send his medical to the embassy! Regarding the GP letter for anyone who is concerned about it (because I was!); my partner asked his GP for the letter back in July (for ongoing depression which he is medicated for) and they said 6 weeks or so to receive it. It was an unbelievable faff--they refused to write the magic "not a danger to self or others" words and the secretary forgot to send the request to the doctor so it wasn't done before the medical as promised. T called visa medicals to reschedule due to the missing letter and they told him he could come in for the rest of the appointment and just send the letter later. They actually gave him a form or template to send to his GP with the information they needed regarding his mental health, which is actually easier than asking the GP to write one sight unseen. T dropped the form with his GP after the medical and is going to call up for a consultation on Monday so they can fill it out. I would suggest for anyone with the time to spare (interview isn't until the 5th !), it might be easier just getting the GP letter after the medical. I know some GPs may have written a letter like this for visa purposed before but T's clearly hadn't!
  4. Thank you so much for writing this up! My partner has his medical in about an hour...just sent him the whole post (and reminded him to drink some water!) So glad you are so close to being done with this all!
  5. That makes sense! We didn't actually have a granted expedite...we just received a normal interview appointment (our original expedite never received a response, and the day after we sent our second one we received a regular appointment!) I will call NVC tomorrow to ask them what they thing...and maybe shoot the embassy a quick message through their online form
  6. Wondering if anyone has any input on this--just received an email that our second expedite request was forwarded to the Embassy, but obviously we already have our interview date. Should I contact NVC or the Embassy to basically tell them "nevermind", or can I just ignore it? Worried our interview might be inadvertently cancelled due to the new expedite.
  7. Thank you! You too! The interview is the part we are the least worried about so really relieved this is the final hurtle!!
  8. Interview date yesterday as well! @dwheels76 I submitted an update in the google form London Embassy DQ: 16 June 2020 Interview: 5 October 2020 CR-1 - submitted an expedite request but never received a response. A batch of London interviews went out yesterday!
  9. Ours came at 7:05 BST as well. I think its a batch email. I have no idea how they do it honestly; it looks like it is mostly in order of DQ but I think we may have gotten ours because we sent in two expedite requests so they just threw us into this batch instead of responding to the expedite (or it is just completely random and stupid which also wouldn't be surprising)
  10. Also got an interview email this morning! DQ: June 16 Interview: October 5th Visa: CR-1 Attempted to Expedite but ignored (or they just gave us a date in this batch instead of approving out expedite) I honestly cannot believe this at all---we have been working on this process for 18 months (I know a lot of couples have been dealing with it even longer!) and even though I knew we would get there I couldn't really envision it actually happening. It looks like they have more slots this month than last---I know all the rest of the June and July DQs will be next month for sure!
  11. I am so sorry that happened! My last planned trip to visit my partner was meant to be in April and I remember how devastated I was when that flight was cancelled due to the travel ban (I actually immediately booked another one via Canada which was also cancelled so now I have two partial plane vouchers....) Personally we are waiting it out though it has been almost 9 months; mostly because we are trying to be cautiously optimistic and believe our interview will be any day now, so he needs to stay in the UK (maybe if we manifest it, it will happen...) I know platitudes are useless really but I just keep reminding myself that we've come this far...they can't actually keep us apart forever. Sometime in the next few months we are all going to get that interview email!
  12. I may not be the best person to advise(I have been whining about my expedite struggles for weeks now!) by nvcexpedite@state.gov is the correct email address for an expedite. They will forward your request to the embassy-- include your LND number in the subject line and body of email
  13. When did you submit your expedite? Our got lost or something....we are way outside of "normal" expedite times
  14. I am starting to feel a little nuts with all of this! We just sent in another expedite request due to new circumstances (partner just lost his job due to covid and his org restructuring which is...less than ideal)! I am hoping now that there aren't any bank holidays on the horizon the embassy staff can focus on us again. I hope everyone is hanging in there okay!
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