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  1. I wish my embassy's website was more helpful...it says nothing about current processing of K1's....they even responded to my email but still told me nothing...only the cited the declaration....that's just not clear enough information for most people...people want specific answers, not just a copy/paste of the declaration...the closest I have come to getting my question answered: "Will K1 visas continue to be processed?" was from your response just now where you state processing will continue after the freeze.
  2. Yes...I am curious to see if K1 visa processing continues after the declaration. I haven't seemed to find an answer to this question. No confirmation responses here, especially after 30 days, should be telling.
  3. Received your K1 interview date or completed the interview post-immigration 60 day halt? Let everyone know here.
  4. A bit of a warning...it took me 4hrs to complete the 160 today due to very slow page downloading...and I have fiber optic internet...delay is likely due to high traffic I assume.
  5. I've searched on this site but I haven't found country specific info on paying fees.
  6. Ok...so I finished the DS-160...minutes later I tried to pay my fee but only get the attached msg when I log in....I guess I have to wait a bit to be able to pay? Thanks.
  7. Great, thanks Greenbaum...so completing the 160 while my status is AT NVC is ok? Also, I don't think the La Paz embassy allows applicants to schedule their own interview appointments, yes?
  8. Just called and got my case and invoice number as well...status is AT NVC...so Greenbaum, I just wait now for futher instruction from NVC? I logged in of course but the system just seems to carry me around in circles...can't see my fee invoice or anything.
  9. Does my fiance need to show the NOA2 notification at her interview? Thanks
  10. Great information...I really appreciate the time you taken to help.
  11. Ok....FAM says no, but in my instance, I'm good, yes?
  12. Thanks geowrian.....so, it's the correct form to use in my K1 process, yes?
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