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  1. Hi. Does anyone know of someone who has received an immigrant visa from the Trinidad embassy within the last 2 months (March - April)? If yes, what did their CEAC status change to after interview or submission of updated/ additional documents and how long did it take for the visa to be issued after interview or submission of updated/ additional documents?
  2. Quick update. US embassy in Trinidad did make contact with me to update a couple things and submit. They have been dealing with those affected by the ban.
  3. Thank you for this info. I posted my embassy experience on the Trinidad embassy thread.
  4. Does anyone know if the embassies have started dealing with applicants previously affected by the ban. We were interviewed in February 2020 and were in 221G for additional documents when the ban was proclaimed. We were told by the embassy once the ban is lifted processing of our visas would resume. We have not heard anything yet. We are F3.
  5. I have a similar question. Has anyone been contacted since the lifting of the ban? For interviews or for those who already had interviews and may be in 221G, any follow-up action or correspondence.
  6. Hi. The interview process was pretty easy. Our appointment was at 9 am and we arrived at 845 am. We approached the line outside the embassy and we were asked if our appointment was at 9 and then told to line up with the other 9 am appointments (immigrant and non-immigrant). We were asked to present our passports, interview letter and ds260 confirmation. These were reviewed by the visa attendants on the sidewalk and then we were sent to wait to enter the building. We went through security and then were told to sit in the waiting area for immigrant visas. Note, you cannot take big document folders, handbags, wallets, phones into the embassy. After sitting for a couple minutes we were called to the reception desk and given a folder to arrange our documents in a specific order. We were told to hold on to it until we were called to a counter for someone to review our documents to ensure we had all the required documents. We waited about an hour for this. She was a Trinidadian and asked some basic questions like who is applying for us, what was the longest we stayed in the US. She then kept all the documents and told us to have a seat and await our interview. About an hour later we were called to counter 2 for the interview. It was a man and he asked some basic questions including the same ones the previous girl asked. He asked us about 6 questions, nothing that we could not answer. We were missing 2 documents so he issued us a 221(g) and asked us to upload the document on to CEAC and submit the originals with our passports back to the embassy via DHL. He advised that right now the embassy is taking 4 to 6 weeks to review documents when submitted and once the visa is approved it would take another 2 weeks to issue the visa. He also told us that everything is being done electronically and so no package will be given to us to take when we travel to the US. We left the embassy just after 11 am.
  7. I think the difference in time is because of different consulates. Trinidad may take longer than Jamaica which may take longer than Guyana etc. I agree with you though about the lack of consistency as well as the inability to get any additional information.
  8. I feel your pain. We had our interview on 14th February and the CO requested 2 additional documents which we had to upload onto CEAC and then mail in the originals with our passports via DHL. At our interview the CO told us that the current time for review of documents is 4 to 6 weeks and then add an additional 2 weeks onto that for processing of the visa so in other words dont expect anything in under 2 months. In fairness to the CO, he was the only person conducting immigrant interviews on that day and I am advised by another person from my country that on the day of their interview, he was also the only CO conducting interviews so if he also has to review documents that are subsequently submitted, then he may be overloaded and overworked. It is very frustrating not knowing anything.
  9. F3 is for married sons and daughters of US citizens
  10. Hi. You are most welcome. It is my husband and I. We are F3 category. Yes, if we got all the vaccines at the doctor's office the total cost including the visit, bloodwork and x-rays would have been $6,400 for both of us ($3,200 each). Our total doctor's bill was $3,900 ($1,950 each) which included 1 vaccine each, so it is a big savings to get the vaccines at the public health centre. The only reason we did not get all four at city hall is because the version of tetanus given at city hall is not the version required by the embassy. The embassy requires the Tdap version which is tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis.
  11. Hi. Just giving some feedback as there isn't much info available for Trinidad and Tobago immigration process. Completed our medical last week. Appointment was scheduled for 9 am. We arrived on time and had to present our interview letter and passports and ID cards. We did not have immunization records which was not a problem, but if you have yours you can present it then too. We then had to fill out forms and wait until we were ready to give urine samples. We then waited until 10:30 am at which time we were called in to see a nurse who did a detailed interview with us and told us which additional vaccines we needed to get. She also took our temperature, pressure, height and weight. We were then sent upstairs to get our blood drawn and then asked to sit and wait to see the doctor. Around 11 am we were called in to see the doctor. She asked a few questions and then examined us. We then paid the receptionist ($1600 each) for the doctor's visit the blood work and the x-ray. The receptionist then gave us instructions to proceed to the radiology lab which is at another location to get our chest x-rays done. We left and went to get the x-rays done (about a 5 minute drive away). It was very quick and efficient. We were told to call a week later to confirm if the packet was ready for pick up. Note about the vaccines. We needed to get 4 additional vaccines. The nurse kindly advised us that they would cost an additional $1,600 if they were administered at the doctor's office, however if we would like, we could visit City Hall on Fridays from 8 am to 11 am and we could get 3 of the 4 vaccines there for free (we did this and it was a very smooth process). We did have to return to the doctor's office for the 4th vaccine on the same day as we got the other three because there is some issue about receiving live vaccines on the same day otherwise you have to wait a month. This one vaccine cost $350. It is recommended that you do not get any vaccines before the doctor's visit as they need to tell you which ones you need to get and when to get them otherwise you may end up having to wait a month longer. All in all it was a good experience.
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