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  1. FU-MY

    Expedited Appt ?

    @JadeT We submitted our request for the expedite review via this website. https://vn.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/immigrant-visa-inquiry-form/ The only thing that we included was the US petitioner's passport contact page info. FYI, If they are actually going to restart the normal K1 cases, then it's less likely to have them expedite cases. Best of luck
  2. FU-MY

    Expedited Appt ?

    Good morning all, We wanted to share our great new.. We had our expedited interview scheduled this morning and have secured the VISA. Thank you all for your help and in particular @flea89 @JasonGG, @rooster92, and of course the big one @Greenbaum We would have certainly had a much more difficult time without you help. Fugy (& Mylan)
  3. Hello all. sorry I’ve seen Greenbaum on here for a few months and he goes out of his way to be helpful and assist in all that he can. He has gone out of his way to be helpful whenever he can be. Please Don’t mistake his frankness, and reality-based suggestion as anything other than him being the voice of reason. Our case has been stuck in the consulate since early March, and has a K1 applicant we are also suck with no Foreseeable movement keep your hopes and spirits up
  4. Thank you NotAFish. Yes, we did get this message sometime in March...
  5. Sorry what is DQ? We had our packet 3 sent to my fiance in March, then a week or so later the consulate closed down. We are still waiting to hear anything from them.
  6. Hi, can you share where you read this info? with everyone here on pins and needles to hear any news about the K1 interviews and their schedules for interviews it’s important to cite news with valid links or sources thanks
  7. I had to send a package (docs) to my girl in HCMC and it look less then week to get there. She told me to be sure to send it DHL as it is very common there.
  8. Thanks BandQ, Yes I agree, I would have loved to go and be present when my fiance has the interview, but at this point we just want to secure the interview date. She will go alone and with some luck will get approved with little to no issues.
  9. Good morning Greg, Are you saying that the Consulate may not re-start interviewing until the flights from the US resume in September? I don't understand the connection between the Vietnamese government allowing US persons back to the country and the US Consulate interviewing Vietnamese for Visas?
  10. I'm happy that I came across this post. I'm the petitioner, I was born in Mexico, but but was US naturalized years ago. I have the original Mexican birth certificate, but it's in rough shape and I would not trust it in the mail to get to Vietnam. What is the likelihood that the reviewer will want an original Mexican birth certificate now that I can show the US Naturalization Cert?
  11. Good morning All, I wanted to send this update out yesterday, but was sidetracked and was not able to. Our case was mailed to the Embassy at HCMC, Vietnam on or about the second week of March. HCMC Embassy was closed to the public on March 19th. We suspected that the embassy was going to cut back on the people working and the cases they would be processing. Finally this past Monday, my fiance received an email letting her know that the Embassy had mailed her the PKT3 letter and that she would be able to apply for the Visa. “The U.S Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City has received your K visa application for processing. You should download the instruction package on our website at https://vn.usembassy.gov/packet3k for information on how to apply for a K visa to the United States. Please read and follow the instructions carefully. Your case is filed under your name and case number as shown below. When communicating with this office either in person or through the online inquiry form at https://vn.usembassy.gov/ivcontact, please provide your name and case number exactly as shown in this letter. If you wish to update your personal information, please follow the instructions at: https://vn.usembassy.gov/ivupdate.” She proceeded to go through steps 1 & 2 of the Instructions Package, and created the USTravelDocs Account and completed and submitted the DS-160. She was also able to pay for the Visa, and we were excited to have her book the appointment…. Well….. that’s as close as we are going to get for a while. This morning she received this email from the Embassy “We have received the DS-160 Confirmation Page. As of Thursday March 19, 2020, the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Vietnam have canceled routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa appointments. We will resume routine visa services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time. Please check our website here: https://vn.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/ frequently for updates. The Embassy and the Consulate regret any inconvenience caused by these measures and will resume normal operations as soon as possible.” We were really hope that should be able to secure an appointment date, even if it was for June or July, but no luck. We am sharing this with you guys for a few reasons. 1. We have benefited from those that came before us and we wanted to return the favor to those that are in our same boat and those that may come after. 2. To let you guys know that the Embassy (at least in HCMC) are still working, even if at reduced hours or fewer representatives. The most important one. 3. Please be patient, things are certainly slower than we would ever want, but let’s not forget what is important… Both my fiance and I are healthy, and so are our families. This love in the age of Covid thing is hard, but we will get through it. In a few months certainly a few years we will look back at this time and be comforted that our spouses are now sitting next to us on the couch or helping us cook dinner and we will go over and hug them for no other reason than we are happy to have them there… Keep up the positive attitude, we will get through this… F & M
  12. Greenbaum, Always filled with great advice. I agree with your sentiment Sir. While I lament that my fiance is not able to join me in the US as soon as we would have liked, she is safe and sound for the moment and is not having to deal with the craziness that jumping on a plane would bring on. We are using this time to work on the evidence of a continued relationship (photos, plane tickets, hotel stays), but we are also using it to take a much needed break from the rat race that is our daily grind. I started working on home projects that I had put off a while, also using it to refocus on healthy living. So yes, it is unfortunate that this will delay our case for a few weeks, maybe a few months... so be it.. We will take the time to reflect and plan on a happy future together. Thank you Sir for being the beacon of wisdom. Stay safe all.
  13. Good luck Siggy, we were just informed that we are on a 10 day lockdown, let's see how it goes.
  14. You are ABSOLUTELY right. I don't want to be guided by the blind. This website and YOU in particular have helped us tremendously, there is no reason for me to go anywhere else in search for info. I will wait patiently for our visa application to proceed and keep an eye out for any more info shared on this site. Have a great day guys
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