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  1. No I understand I was just wondering if you were f2a I am in the f2a category and my DQ was oct 28 am hoping to be surprise with a interview soon
  2. Question on your CEAC CASE thing did your visa category says F2A or F21
  3. Hi is your interview for Jamaica and F2A category?
  4. My dear you just have to wait I’m my DQ was October 28 for F2a. still here waiting for interview for Jamaica it’s all a waiting process
  5. Yes I’m hoping this week I’ll get something I had a friend in the same category who got hers within almost three weeks so I’m gonna see if I get mines
  6. Mad easy!!! I’m happy you are over this Journey my DQ is October 28
  7. That’s great I’m happy for you I hope I receive mines too really wanna spend Christmas with my daughter What five questions was he asked if you don’t mind me asking
  8. Is anyone here with F2A category from JAMAICA who is waiting on interview
  9. How was your interview I’m in the same category awaiting an interview
  10. Anybody on this thread with F2A category any updates on interview information?
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