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  1. I'm just not understanding their process of doing things, I just saw 2 K1 post that they have interviews for 10/20 and the other was for today but they got cancelled because the embassy need to sanitize and rescheduled them for 10/22. I don't know why they are making it so hard to reschedule the appointments, I emailed them on Tuesday to follow up on if they are starting reschedule and have yet to receive a response. At this point I'm about to give up on this emailing thing.
  2. For anyone who wants to travel I would say do it, I know everyone's experience is different. I'm coming from Texas (considered high risk) I was nervous as hell going down in September but once I was there everything went smooth. I think I only spent about 30- 45 minutes in the airport. Got a flight that got there almost to 12pm so there wasn't much of a line, they had 2 line (one if travelling with someone and the other for alone) I was about the 12th person in the alone line but I eventually got moved into the other line because it was short. With my health assessment I got marked as low risk but still needed to quarantine and they make sure you download the app so I would say download it before going if they don't make any changes about quarantine. I bought my plane ticket about 3 weeks before travel and I know they mention don't buy your plane ticket until approval but that is too expensive and with the new testing requirements that Stacy posted should make it easier as it sounds like a Rapid Antigen Test could be done which comes back same day.
  3. This process is becoming very frustrating , its like your so close but yet very far. I'm a shy person so I just read mainly thru the thread which as helped a lot with knowing what's going on with the process and the stages of where the Embassy is. So I don't know if my post will matter but seeing the recent conversations I'm like let me share my experience. My husband had an appt. for 9/22 , I wanted to attend , my job barely wanted me to leave due to it being busy with COVID , but I was given time off to go to JA, went to quarantine for the 14 days, I saw the conversations about appts being cancelled and part of me wanted to email them if the appt would still happen but I decided to wait and see. He did his medical 9/10 and 2 days after we receive the cancellation email. I sent them something letting them know this was the only time I was given to travel for the year due to my job and basically got a email saying the appts. going forward have been cancelled and regret any inconvenience. Husband emailed them without me knowing letting them know its getting me depressed and basically got the same response. I saw their FB Live at one point saying its good when the spouse is there at the interview. So I'm like ok I'm here let me email them again this was after the interview date past ,to see when would appointments be resumed because I saw they were doing K1(which I mentioned in the email) and I told them again this was the only time I am able to travel for the year and that I had to leave 10/3 and basically got back what's attached in the picture for that, so its really frustrating that some people didn't have theirs cancelled while the ones that were cancelled have to wait till however long. Right now seeing how the holidays are coming up I'm just thinking that's going to cause more delays. This process is driving me crazy I swear every ding I hear for my email I'm rushing to see if its them. Hopefully their few weeks means soon before it hits the holidays in November.
  4. Hi Everyone! Quick Question : For those who already had their interview , how far in advance were you scheduled for your medical? I've been seeing it where some are getting approved but awaiting for the medical results before everything is completed.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I have been seeing videos where they say someone at the airport makes sure that you download the app before leaving. I contacted the Embassy yesterday so I guess it would be awhile before they respond to be since you've been waiting. I'll look into the link as well. Lol I have been telling myself I would let him keep his distance while I quarantine so if I can't go, he makes sure he is there but I doubt it would be possible for him to stay away, after months.
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first time writing on here so please bear with me but I wanted to know if due to COVID-19 would the spouse be able to attend the interview? Is anyone planning to travel to attend the interview with their spouse? I had initially planned that once he gets approve I would go to Jamaica for 2 weeks and fly back with him , but he wants me to come to the interview if possible which is fine , but I am seeing that Jamaica wants you to Quarantine for 14 days once I am there which I wouldn't be able to do. I was debating on going down 7 days before the interview and Quarantine those days but I have been watching youtube videos and most people have said they had to quarantine for the 14 days and one person said they told her 3 days until her result and then she was good. Also they were required to download the JAMCOVID19 App. I am in Texas and a healthcare worker so I was going to stop working 2 days before the travel and along with doing a PCR Test, I would also do the Rapid COVID test (takes 15 minutes) the day before travelling so I am not sure what to do , if I do travel do I tell them I am there for business or just visiting.
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