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  1. Thank you. I usually know it was the age of the marriage so I was very shocked when I got the card but I recently completed the i-90 so I am waiting on a response.
  2. He is currently in the states, our 2 year marriage will not be until September 2021. I noticed when we were at the NVC stage it always showed our visa class as IR1 but I thought that was just how it was for everyone until now. I went ahead and filed the i-90 just waiting on a response.
  3. Hello, I have been married a little over a year, my husband got approved recently and we received a 10 year green card (which is good), however I know usually it should be a 2 year card since we have been married for less than 2 years. I have also noticed that whenever I had went on NVC on the area that shows visa class it has always showed IR1 so I am not sure if this is something to be concerned about since on NVC it showed IR1 since it was transferred to them?
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