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  1. I am blown away by the speed of the IRS here in the US. Coming from Croatia, you file your taxes in February and you get money back in September lol. You guys are fast as hell, but people are not really patient. Instant gratification.
  2. She’ll have to go get a new card once her status changes - AOS gets approved and she gets green card in mail. Nothing you can do now until that’s done. edit: I always have/had to show my social security card so far. Example- joint tax filing, driver license, bank account.
  3. He needs to have it with him at the interview. We did it by snail mail - wet ink signature. I think you might be able to scan it and send to his email and then he can print it out and bring with him.
  4. Just got back from an interview. 1) No you dont have to. Make sure to have copies and originals- birth certificates, both beneficiary and petitioner, marriage certificate, and copy of everything you can give to them as bonafide proof. 2) do the same as you did for K1, they have your packet there so they have the photos you already submitted. They want new stuff. 3)Lady hasn’t mentioned anything about ds-5540 so no worry about that at all!! Good luck!
  5. I was thinking of you all this time!!! 💖💖 great news!! Finally!
  6. Approved!! The interview lasted 3 minutes and it was like a coffee talk with a friend. 😂 “Congrats on getting married!! When did you meet Jon? What (Air Force) base was he stationed when you two met? I wish you all the luck and safe travels to your home!! You can come pick up your visa tomorrow” Good luck to everyone! 😊
  7. I went and had my medical done yesterday while my case still at NVC. (hopefully it gets shipped out today). We don't even need a case number for our medical here in Croatia. Doctor is taking my medical documents to embassy tomorrow. A week ago I emailed my consulate and they sent me packet 3 by email and told me they will call me for an interview as soon as they receive the case so I think it all depends on your embassy and the way they operate. Good luck!
  8. It's great seeing people from the same country helping each other!! 😁 I searched for Croatian thread and there was no activity since April last year so I posted something but no one has replied yet 🤨lol,. It would just be easier to have someone to talk to about the process. Good luck to everyone on their journey! 💜
  9. Pozdrav!! Vidim da se nije pisalo dugo ali vrijedi pitati! Ima li nekoga tu da je u procesu K1? Mi smo odobreni 20.2. i sad smo u NVC fazi. Podigla sam sve dokumente (nadam se). Jos cekam police cert. iz njemacke i dokument iz Zg-kaznene evidencije, pa cu kod doktorice samo onda po karton i sve to prevesti! 😁
  10. I just got an email that we got approved yesterday!!😁 ! I'm shaking!! Hang in there everyone NOA2 is coming!!!😊
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