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  1. No norm!! My I-751 was approved in 2.5 months. I’m glad to see others are getting approved as well!
  2. Well that was rather a weird assumption and accusation. Been here since 2019 just like everyone else. 😬
  3. I definitely don’t understand this system. Congrats on your approval 

    1. Doublepike


      Thank you! I really don’t understand it either. I’m hoping you all get approved sooner than later. ❤️ 

  4. Yes! Here is the timeline! 👇🏻 I have no idea why I got approved so fast. I was expecting to wait at least a year.
  5. I am blown away just as much as y’all are haha! I hope you and others get approved soon as well! 🤞🏻 And thank you!
  6. Birth certificate of our child born last year, deeds of trust for both of our houses in our names, car titles in both of our names, health insurance, life insurance policies (stating each other as beneficiary), car insurance, bank statements since the time we got married, airplane tickets with same flight and seats next to each other, water and electric bills + internet, Joint tax return from last two (three) years, signed affidavits of support - one is our friend from Air Force (my husband is DOD now but still works on base) and another affidavit is his cousin who was the witness at our wedding. Pictures since the time we got married. Our rental lease agreement when we moved to TX for a year in 2019. Pest control bill on both our names. Military card for national parks having both our names/signatures. Just pretty much anything you can find that.
  7. Yes it’s correct!!! Well, aproval date says May 1st actually, I will post a screenshot below. I just I got an email on USPS informed delivery this morning that I am getting a mail from USCIS and I was like whaaaat I must have done something wrong it’s denied etc.. 😅 so I went to my Uscis account to see the case history and omg!! My card will be here today. And no I didn’t expedite. I was prepared to wait at least a year. Good luck to everyone!
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