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  1. So how do I fix that?......she haves 4 names and they only used 3
  2. Is it a problem if the I94 is missing her 2nd given name?
  3. Is it a problem if the I94 is missing her 2nd given name?
  4. Does the I94 gets issued automatically or do I request it? I went to the website to request one.....and when you click on port of entry via airport it doesnt give me a option to request....however if I click via land it does gives an option.
  5. Thanks for the fast response......where it says that she will need to report within 7 days to the port of entry...is that true?
  6. My fiance entered the US thru Dallas on 02/17/20 with me. The agent took the sealed packet,took her right hand fingerprints, a picture, stamped some documents from the packet and her visa/passport.Didnt asked a single question and said "welcome to the US" ......are we missing something? He didnt even take the medical Packet. I was looking on how to get the I94 and it says she needs to report to port of entry within 7 days upon requesting the I94.....Im confused.
  7. Her experienced with her was really good. I also read bad reviews about her and I was worried. But it turned out really good for us......results in the same visit.
  8. I recommend staying for atleast 3 weeks (considering everything goes ok)...it took us about that long for the visa in hand. You could also have it delivered via DHL. My fiance did lab work Dec 9....fingerprints Dec 11 in the morning and Doc exam in the afternoon....interview Dec. 13. Case was in AP....3 business days.....Issued on Dec 18.....we choose to pick it up in person.....took DHL until Dec 23 to be ready for pickup. We spend like 270 in hotel for the whole stay which was close to the embassy....only thing food was expensive around there.
  9. Hey Boise...you guys arent too far from me. Congrats!
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