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  1. Just checked my husband’s status and today his I-765 EAD was approved! The status has now changed to “card is being produced” - thank goodness!
  2. Hello! We filed AOS back in December and my husband had his biometrics appointment in January. Our status has remained as “case is being actively reviewed” ever since. We selected the option to have his SSN processed with the form. Has anyone else done this and have you received your SSN yet?? We also filled out the employment authorization but haven’t heard anything for that yet.
  3. I hope everyone is well!! My fiancé has been here in the US with me for 2 weeks now. Our first week we were in this constant state of “woah” because we continued to realize that this wasn’t a vacation and he would not be leaving at the end of the week. We are now knee deep in wedding planning. We are eloping on May 23rd with my immediate family at a park. We will be having a proper ceremony and reception in August with friends and family and have many aspects of that booked already. We are so excited 💕 Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone good luck. I know the embassy is still moving pretty slowly. Stay patient, it will be 100% worth it in the end. And I am happy to answer any questions anyone may have when it is time for your interview 😊
  4. Here are the instructions for the form, evidence required begins on page 10 https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-129finstr.pdf Your fiancé is likely talking about getting her birth certificate apostilled. My fiancé is also from Venezuela and urged me of the same, although our embassy never stated that they required the birth certificate to be apostilled or legalized. He was insistent he do it anyway, so we did. I don’t think it made any difference in our case since our embassy did not specifically request it, but you will want to check with your embassy since each location has different requirements.
  5. That’s a blanket statement. They gave me the same response. I spoke to the same agent at the NVC over the phone on three different occasions and we got to talking about all kinds of stuff. She confirmed that they are waiting for the embassy to request petitions before they can send any.
  6. The agent was really nice. She didn’t ask me anything. I just stood next to Alejandro and held his hand while he spoke with her. I came super prepared and she didn’t ask for anything extra! I was glad to have all the extra stuff, just in case and we can carry some of it over to our adjustment of status. We just received an email today saying his visa is ready, they only needed to confirm the pickup location. We already have a flight booked for Sunday 🥰
  7. Oh! And one more thing. He has listened to me talk about my “famous” homemade banana pudding for years. I promised I would have some waiting for him in the fridge. ❤️
  8. I love this post, lots of great ideas! My fiancé will be arriving in the next week or two. He left his home country years ago so he is no stranger to change, but this will be his first time outside of South America so it will still be quite a shift. I have been preparing my apartment for his arrival. I’ve framed photos of him and his family (and us, of course), and I had two posters printed and hung in the living room - one a map of his home city and the other a map of Atlanta. I want him to walk in and feel like this is his home with his photos and decor to remind him of Venezuela. This week I am also working on clearing space for his clothes. I am also going to purchase some toiletries and a sonicare toothbrush before he arrives (a bit random, I know, but I have one and I thought it would be crummy to make him use his old manual toothbrush). I am refraining from buying clothes other than basics (socks, basic shirts, etc). I have bought clothes for him in the past when I visit, but for this I want him to have the freedom to pick his own stuff...he is an adult after all and I am not his mother 😆😂 I am also getting his cell phone set up before he arrives so he has a way to contact friends and family from day 1. Other than that, I plan to make dinner in the slow cooker so it is ready when we get home. I’ve already got some staple foods but we will also visit the international markets near us to pick up whatever else he may want. We plan to stay home and rest the first couple of days (and he’s very excited that I have a PlayStation waiting for him), but he said he does want to get out and explore.
  9. Hello 😊 my case was at the NVC until the expedite was approved. I have kept my timeline up to date on my profile if you would like to take a look. Good luck 💕💕
  10. Feel free to send me a message! You should be able to private message me by going to my profile 😊
  11. Hello without giving out too much personal info, I can say that our case was expedited due to medical reasons and the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. I was able to receive help from one of my state representatives in getting it pushed through
  12. We had our interview yesterday and we were approved! It was pretty quick and easy. We arrived at about 7:10 am for our 7:45 appointment. We were leaving the embassy by 9 am. I did leave a full review on the consulate review page, hopefully this link will take you to it https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=Colombia&cty=&dfilter=5 My fiancé should be joining me in the US in just a few weeks 🥰
  13. Hey all! Just wanted to update, my fiancé and I had our interview today in Bogota and we were approved!! We feel super relieved to be done (for now 😅). I will be leaving Colombia on Saturday and my fiancé is joining me as soon as he has his visa + passport back in 1-2 weeks 💕 Stay patient everyone!
  14. I feel that. My fiancé and I kept going back and forth on planning a trip. I did not want to fly to Colombia, then have to turn around and fly again in the chance that our interview got scheduled. We originally planned a trip for late March and I made sure everything I booked could be cancelled/changed. I was just looking at your timeline. Hopefully you will be toward the front of the line when they begin taking cases again. 🥰
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