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  1. Thank you for the advice! I really would love to, however, I cannot go again as I don't have more PTO to use.😥 I don't know why, but somehow I am not afraid of this relationship being doubt- we are truly in love and seriously discussing everyday about life after marriage/living together. I believe we will still be able to prove it in every other ways 😉, might be a bit difficult or challenging though.
  2. It's almost November now... Time flies. But at the same time, really can't wait for NOA2... Everyday is getting more and more excited. 😆 I wonder how you guys doing right now? Any plans during this long period? He is working hard to make enough money, thinking to buy himself a car once arriving the states. Also he promised me to learn English and driving, two of the critical skills to be living here. We are really excited and nervous of the future. It seems there will be much happiness, yet difficulties.
  3. Received my NOA1 hard copy today! There is his name, his birthday, and his place of birth printed on the paper. Everything feels much more real now.
  4. My check was cashed today finally. It has been 2-3 days and a weekend after NOA1. 😧 Continue to wait for NOA1 hard copy...😃
  5. We will be waiting until NOA2. If I remember correctly, there is some kind of validity period for medical exam. Not sure how long it is.
  6. Thanks a lot!... & I just found my NOA1 email in junk mail folder! 🤣
  7. No, you don't need birth certificate and police clearance for the initial K1 package. I also don't think her passport is required, unless you had your in-person meeting in a third country.
  8. One question- I can now check my case status with the receipt number here https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do How do I know if there is change on the status in the following months? Will it notify me via text as well? Or do I need to check it like everyday? Another question- Did you guys receive NOA1 email? I didn't but text only. 🤔
  9. NOA1 text today! However I haven't seen any record that they cash in my check. A bit worried. By the way, recently I found a TV show called "90 day fiance". It's all about K1 visa couples- highly recommend!
  10. One October filer here! 2019/10/04 I-129F sent 2019/10/08 Delivered Still waiting for NOA1...
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