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  1. China to US travel restriction started January 31, 2020, and some who have their K-1 visa already are stuck till travel restrictions to rescind. To get more interactions, I created a K-1 Visa China Only Group in Facebook Groups. PM me if you want to join, if you have a Facebook account. This private group is to keep in touch through this pandemic travel restriction, create friends, and share each other strategies on how to bring your loved ones to the United States. Other than that, I am willing to help out who are still in their China to USA K-1s processes. COVID-19 Pandemic and US/China relations keep it not a steady path so far but let's hope there will be the light to return to normal. 加油大家!
  2. She is still waiting for the travel ban to be lifted and get the visa re-issued.
  3. Update for people who have their fiancé or fiancée with their K-1 Visa in hand and still in China because of the US travel restriction, I emailed Guangzhou consulate to ask and see what they would do. They said, "Once the proclamation is lifted, if your visa is expired, please contact them through webform and explain your situation. Hopefully they eventually extend the visa due to this SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) worldwide health crisis. https://china.usembassy-china.org.cn/visas/immigrant-visas/contact-us/immigrant-visa-unit-question/
  4. visa is good for roughly 6 months. My fianceé got her visa in December.
  5. Thank you for sharing your experience I will reference this if going this route. Mind I ask what airliner you use to fly from China to Kula Lumpur? Did you flew from Guangzhou, China?
  6. Update to this, with all the cluster going on now in East Asia and Europe no way connecting or near those areas. In order to leave before my fiancee's K-1 expires on June 1st. The plan still set for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia route with 30day visa and 14plus days there and then to Doha, Qatar or Dubai and land on the Eastern cities like Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport or Washington D.C Dulles Airport. Back to the update I tried to investigate on weChat group saying some people got in, well I can't confirm if it's true, I called many US gov't authorities and said K-1 visa holders with Chinese passport cannot enter US if they just came from Mainland China.
  7. Only thing to contact the embassy/consulate is through the UStraveldoc China page. I did that and got a reply and saying this below : 🤷‍♂️ I guess you can contact thru the web form in the quotes above. I hope everyone statuses will be better soon, it's a mess for everyone now with the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak.
  8. You are not alone, my fiancée with her k-1 visa issued in December 2019, was ready for March 2nd to come to Los Angeles, CA. Unfortunately her flight was cancelled last week for Air China. Originally my fiancée works in Futian-Shenzhen, China. She is still stuck in her hometown in the countryside in Hunan Province while visiting her family before the crazy national lockdown took place. I am in the United States as trying to figure out what's best to do for her but now it's just to wait to see what will our US Gov't will do. As I've been reading the new proclamation over and over, it seems there is no way yet for any Chinese citizens or any foreigners who visited China for the last 14days to come to the US since February 2nd that was announced. I am on standby to book any flights for her to come America from Guangzhou or Shenzhen directly to USA. I am interested in your stance as well because we are kinda on the same boat, but for me already in United States. I am investigating this what you said for K-1 visa holders from China being let through at US Port of entry, but I don't have an answer yet.
  9. Air China decided to cancel their flights to USA. My fiancee's flight got cancelled for March 2. 😪
  10. I am thinking to do that as well when Guangzhou US Consulate is back open on February 10th. My fiancée contacted me recently that her March 2nd flight from Shenzhen to Los Angeles is cancelled now. Her K1 Visa expires till June 1 but yeah like everyone would do having backup and comfort range is better to have than having a short amount of time to do everything at once.
  11. Kinda worried here too. My fiancee is in Yongzhou, Hunan,China, to visit her family for CNY and still the travel ban is still active. All roads are blocked and public transportation are not accessible yet. She was suppose to be back to Shenzhen on January 30 but have to extend her stay. She works in Shenzhen and was informed that February 10th will be back in session. So hopefully everything will be back to normal around or after 14days+ the incubation period. She is set to come to America on March 2 where I will be picking her up in LAX. I hope nothing prevents her to travel on March 2nd. 🙏🙏🙏 Also medical/N95 masks are hard to get over there. I am trying to scout some to send some to her but no luck here yet. Local drugstores/retail/groceries are out and online saying out of stock or backordered. 😔
  12. Hello I need help advice from people who filed K1 Visa for Guangzhou China US Consulate. While I am waiting in North Carolina, USA. I am at the point where NVC status is at ready. My fiancee in Shenzhen, China told me to wait for package 3 to arrive at her mailbox according to her suggestion peer WeChat group. Should we wait till that (Package 3) instructions for my fiancee arrives and do the DS-160 and submit it? or should we go ahead and submit DS-160 first before the mail arrives in her mailbox? Also I see that you can create an account as well at https://www.ustraveldocs.com/cn/index.html?firstTime=No, should we go ahead and do that too? I know this is all on my fiancee's (China) side for her to do, but I'm curious how this would work for her. I just want this to be smooth and flawless. I'm a bit confused here because there is no instructions on what is the next step after I called in to get the case number. Other than I got the straight up NVC status message out of the blue saying "READY" ready for interview. You can see my screen shot attached to this post. Thank you in advanced and be kind.
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