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  1. Anyone filled in NYC and received interview these days?
  2. Nope i do not, i mean will the emergency advance parole cancel the production of the AP card?
  3. Does getting an emergency Advance Parole cancel the advance parole card?
  4. woah that would be very quich and awesome! I am an October filer (first week of October) and have not received my biometrics yet
  5. it has been 62 days since I filed for my adjustment of status, have received the NOA1 but have not received biometrics appointment until now! Is that normal? I am starting to get very worried Do not have previous biometrics.
  6. Woah that's very weird. But good thing you had rescheduled not so far. Best of luck!
  7. I did call and spoke with a tier 2 office, he said that your biometrics is not yet scheduled and it depends on your local office and their availability, they said something around that the NBC is now processing applications from Jan 2017 so you could receive the biometrics appointment anytime during the process and it could take months. Woah that should have been very surprising, what did you do when you received the letter after the appointment?
  8. Woah, i didn't know i can do multiple ones? How long can i wait after submitting the first service request before submitting another one?
  9. three what weeks or months? i am really hoping you'd say weeks. and for getting response or the biometrics notice?
  10. So, do i need to put an expedite request other than mentioning it while applying? and how, if you know? Thanks a lot
  11. Yeah mentioned that, did that on November 11th and haven't heard anything since then unfortunately.
  12. Thank you for your reply, what worries me is that I saw a lot of timelines for New York filers and they got their notice in weeks, maximum a month on average so that's why I am not sure what is happening.
  13. Helo, I wrote on my I-131 from Expedite request and i attached a letter with evidence to that expedite request, I sent my package on October 8th, haven't done biometrics yet. Should i request another expedite request? Has anyone done that? if so, how to do it? Thanks a lot
  14. Hello, USCIS received my AOS package on October 8th and they sent me the receipt notices and my P.D is also October 8th, however until now I have not received the biometrics appointment notice and it is almost two month? I did a service request since November 11th and haven't heard anything since then. Anyone with similar case or know what is going on? I am filling from Brooklyn New York and currently my case is in NBC since they received it. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.
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