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  1. We filed in Georgia but the interview took place in South Carolina, which I’m hearing now is not an immigration friendly place. The interview went well. Simple questions which we both answered truthfully. We had our album with a mix of pictures mostly us. But he declined to view them. I’m beyond upset because someone on the forum had the nerves to tell me to go back home to my country. How do I just leave my husband and marriage behind? People are so inconsiderate these days it’s beyond me
  2. I was on a tourist visa then filed to adjust my status. We were denied because my husband had orders to pcs to Germany. I couldn’t go as my filing had just started. The IO said it’s unlikely that my husband would leave his behind on duties in just the first year of marriage. My brother stated in the affidavits that he and my husband meet during their service together and that’s how my husband and I meet. The IO said he didn’t like that my husband and brother are friends. Also my husband has his parents and myself as beneficiary for his sgli they said he should remove his parents and keep only me. I think this is grossly biased.
  3. Anyone here denied after application with their military spouse? How can I explain to uscis that a military marriage is not your average marriage? My husband spends majority of his time away because he’s defending his country. We live away from friends and family most times. Your spouse isn’t away on vacation but they have a duty and a job and they can’t just say no to their orders. Life as a mil spouse is not the regular and I wish they’d be more understanding.
  4. Any previously denied filers that are currently redoing the process???
  5. Is anybody here married to military? How did the military help your spouse in your filing process? Did the jag office aid in anyway? I feel stuck, please help.
  6. Has anyone had their marriage based interview canceled and got their greencard sent to them?? I’ve heard or situations like this when the couple has been married for a while.
  7. We moved and he basically stationed in a next country while I’m living with my mom. We share the bills in the house and my husband stands for food and the cable so he pays for that monthly. He was able to get me a credit card one in my name and one in his since he won’t be here to literally hand me money while he’s away. And yes the taxes were filed as married. That’s basically all we have so far but the lawyer says it looks good because we have longevity. We don’t have a choice where my husband is concerned because the us army basically owns him.
  8. evidences we provided 5 sworn affidavits ( family and friends) pics from wedding and other outings my husbands orders (he’s mill and had to PCs) his insurance with me as a beneficiary my mill benifits card his car insurance with my name on it labels from packages that shows we shared same living arrangements ( some things we couldn’t get due to the fact that I had no social number) eg joint bank account, lease and a plethora of other stuff
  9. I was denied on the grounds that we did not have sufficient evidence to prove a bonafied marriage.
  10. Does anyone know of any instances where couples were previously denied but reapplied later on and got approved? This is regarding marriage based green card. My husband is a us army soldier idk if this helps. And we’re married for 3 years currently
  11. Roughly 2+ years ago my husband field for me but unfortunately we were denied. The interview went well to us, the officer said everything is fine he wants more evidence and then we’ll be approved however that was obviously not so. Our marriage was very young at the time, we were unable to provide certain evidences such as joint account and lease but we provided tons of pics and affidavits, insurance policy etc. now almost 3 years later I’m ready to reapply. I should mention my husband is a us army soldier so majority of his time is spent over seas. We’ve hired a good lawyer this time so hopefully she can help us. It’s really hard. Please feel free to comment
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