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  1. I-130 PD - 6/14/2019

    I-129F PD - 10/29/2019


    Today I received my I-129F receipt in the mail box.

    Currently waiting on our approval.

  2. Thanks for responding. Okay. Seems like a good 3-6 months in estimation
  3. How long is the process after I-130 approval before our spouse get to the states?
  4. How long is the process after I-130 approval before our spouse gets to the states?
  5. Oh wow. Yeah I know my approval won’t take up to 6months, but trust me I have patience.
  6. That I do know for sure. It just speeds up the process for US citizens that file I-130 then I-129f.
  7. Hello all. This is a forum for those that filed I-130 then I-129f with Nebraska Service Center. Let’s share and help one another. What are your updates? How long did it take for your I-129f to get approved after filing I-130? Share your timeline. I-130 PD 06/14/2019 I-129f PD 10/29/2019
  8. Okay. I though so. So I will give myself a month before I hear something. what do you think the appropriate wait will be for one to receive an interview after the documents have been received by the NVC?
  9. I’m so grateful for you! I looked at Nebra processing time for I-129f...it says they are working on January, but I know you got approved and just filed in August. So does that mean their processing time is not accurate? Or is the time jumping backwards?
  10. Thank you I called them yesterday and they said give 15-30 business days then I just received a notification that they received both packets. I sent the first one, but I did not include necessary info so I redid the packet and sent again so I just received a text for both packets NOA1’s.
  11. After submitting the I-29F who can we call if it has been a week to see if they received it?
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