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  1. Has anyone ever heard of someone being late to the Embassy for their interview? We have a court document available at 6am but interview is scheduled for 6:30am
  2. I have come to understand now. Thanks to everyone’s great answers. I appreciate it 🙏🏻
  3. First of all I wasn’t complaining, I was purely stating that VJ brings people this far to just let them wander around with no direction at the very last stage. I wanted to change that. I only have experience with one embassy in the world. 2nd, I used a different user name years ago. (I only have 140 post because I just need clarification on a few of the things that are different from the last process). I am willing to do the work to make the resources available to everyone so that they don’t run into the same issues.
  4. LOL you mean the same site I’ve answered questions on for years? Ok 👍🏻
  5. Wouldn't the "execution" of steps be the same even though the steps may be different? For example, Registering for Courier services, I imagine that is different per Embassy, but I believe there is only 1 website that NVC uses to Register?
  6. Hello, I can't find any resource on here that walks people through the steps AFTER you receive your Interview Letter from NVC. Are there Step-by-Step Instructions for how you sign up for Courier Services, how you email IOM, how to use AIS.USVISA-INFO.COM when you have children etc. Unless I am missing something it seems Visa Journey really fails to lead people to the ultimate finish line. And before I get answers of oh it says submit IOM email or Register for DHL etc... I am speaking of SPECIFICS for people to follow just like we have for Guides when choosing CR1 or K1 etc. Hopefully I am just looking in the wrong spot!
  7. Today we received our Interview Letter. In trying to book our medical it asks us to select which appointment type/letter type did we receive? We are CR1 however, that wasn't an option. There was "K visa types for Fiancé and Spouse or Child" or there was a selection for "Immigrant planning on immigrating to the USA". Which one should I select?
  8. My only concern is that an acquaintance did just that a month ago and the CBP Officer stamped it someway as a 2 year visa. She asked the officer “shouldn’t that be a 10 year visa” and he said “do you want to see your husband or not “? So she didn’t want to risk anything and just left.
  9. Hello, I am wondering if you get your Visa approved a month or two before your 2nd anniversary, can you wait until after that anniversary passes and then travel to USA and get a 10 year green card instead of the 2 year card?
  10. That's what I thought. Seems lame that the LPR can but the spouse can't. Appreciate the confirmation.
  11. When reading USCIS it says the child must be UNDER 18 when the marriage happened. A legal website says "18 OR under". This case would be separate than the mom and other children as they are still considered CR1 & CR2's. I was hoping to file a completely separate case for the oldest child since Covid has made us wait so long. If we have to wait until the mom gets here, the child will probably be 21 and then the case can last as long as 10 years. Trying to avoid that long of a wait.
  12. The marriage that created a step-child relationship happened when the child was 18. They are now 20. As we are waiting for Covid to open up the local embassy, is it possible for me (USC) to start a petition to bring my step-child over? The way I read it online is that we will have to wait until the mom gets here and then she will have to file for them. I was hoping to have the case created before the child turned 21.
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