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  1. Hello , sorry for the slow reply. It says “immigrant visa or parolee applicant completed vaccination requirements”
  2. Hello guys , me and my husband who came on a k1 visa just got married this week , and now we are looking to file for adjustment of status. We had planned to file in December , however we also need to make sure he gets all his shots in order (he was missing some due to them being contraindicated at the time of the med exam). What we are wondering is if there is a time limit on when we can file for AOS, must we file within the 90 days of his visa ?
  3. Hey all, our interview is set for the 2nd of September but the place that does the medical exam set my fiancés exam for August 30th. What should we do if the medical information isn't back in time for the interview? Has anyone experienced this and what did you do?
  4. Thanks everyone for the input. He went ahead and just set the appointment!
  5. So it's a total of 6 slots over 2 days. He was told he could set an appointment and if another day later in the month opens he can reschedule to that one. To further explain, the days that they gave might be before he can get his second police clearance certificate because of the shutdowns. So we were just wondering if there was a way to get wiggle room.
  6. Hey all, My fiancé is at the point of interview and there is only 2 days available, like period. Has this happened to anyone else. He was told that he could schedule it for one of those 2 days and reschedule if a date closer to when he wanted to set it opens up.
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