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  1. Just had my interview yesterday in London. All very smooth! Was just asked to present my originals (birth cert, marriage cert, police certs). They didn't ask to see any financials such as the tax returns or W2. Simple questions such as where did you meet, what does your husband do etc. I did get the sense they throw in a couple of wrong dates to try and catch you out. Twice I had to correct them. Just one red flag from me (but I'm sure everyone already knows this), you can't take any electricals other than a mobile. I had my laptop and the security guard advised I go leave it with the cafe across the street (called Disctrict cafe) who have a storage facility. If this place wasn't open I wouldn't have had anywhere else to leave it, so advise you to leave anything like that at home. All in all I was inside the embassy for 1 hour. It was very quiet. Maybe 5-6 other people in the Immigrant Visa waiting area.
  2. That's great!! I have my interview on Monday 14th and wanted to fly by the 26th so seems that will all work out.
  3. Hello, how long did it take to receive it after your interview?
  4. I did a direct flight with BA because I know they know what they're dealing with. I saw some horror stories of other budget airlines not understanding the rules and denying entry. Yes, we quarantined properly. He came out for walks with me in the fields where we weren't close to anyone else. But he stayed home at all other times, including food shopping.
  5. My US husband came to the UK in July. He had no issues at customs, but had to complete a Public Health Passenger Locator Form before arrival and had to quaranteen with me for 14 days. Here's a link to the form: https://www.passenger-locator.co.uk/en/?msclkid=ca9ffe1f86fe12114e2fa1583874bbe9&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PCU - UK&utm_term=public health passenger locator form&utm_content=UK Passenger Locator Form - Exact I (British Citizen) came back from the US on Sunday and had to do the same.
  6. Quote

    Hello  @Clobags2510. Can I please ask what was meant by your sponsor's W2 being 'incomplete'? Just want to make sure I've got the right version for ourselves. My interview is in Sept :)


    1. Clobags2510



      congratulations on your interview!
      my cosponsor had only given me the main page of his tax return (a page with the total amount of his earnings). Being from England I had no idea what a full tax return looked like and was told at the interview it should be at least 3 or 4 pages. Basically what they wanted was the full breakdown - not just the end sheet. Hope this helps!



  7. Does anyone know how long the UK Police cert (ACRO) is valid for? Mine is dated January this year so over 6 months old. It was accepted as DQ in April. Obviously if lockdown hadn't happened i'd be in for interview before now. Thanks
  8. Mine was NVC. Yes, NVC sends the email.
  9. Hey, i'm following these instructions...hope that's right. "Before your interview, you must register a delivery address for your passport’s return with the embassy’s online service"
  10. @MattyUKtoUS @T3G please let me know once you guys try to do Step 1 of the interview Prep 'Register online'. It's telling me "The Immigrant Visa case number provided is not ready to schedule an appointment"
  11. Mine is not expedite. Regular scheduling. DQ'd 10th April
  12. I can't stop crying. I just phoned my husband. Such a feeling of shock and joy. I'm so pleased for everyone.
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