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  1. Not really planning on driving ourselves crazy but in the past not actively waiting caused my wife and I to sit and wait almost 3 months for an approved case to be transferred from USCIS to NVC. So we check daily but we understand that it can be the 4-6 weeks.
  2. Well better than a full day closed but can you imagine the rush of people calling at that time?
  3. Well at least it seems they're looking to try and start up later on today when the weather changes
  4. Looks like we're in for a little bit of a wait because this weather might hold solid for the week
  5. Yeah I'm with you on that, I was glad to be there with my wife on vacation uploading most of it documents and following a wiki we found on here
  6. Update on this, the website of the US Embassy official doctor's office states that THEY alone must conduct the medical and issue vaccines. In order to avoid a situation we are just gonna save up for it
  7. Thanks for the advice, I found somewhere that can help so I'm going up contact them
  8. Thanks a lot I'll check it out but based on this there are a lot of vaccines I don't need based on my age. Definitely plan to
  9. So I'm looking at the vaccines required and my wife is suggesting that I get them done before the medical. Think that makes sense?
  10. Thank you very much for this, let's hope for the same luck as you did. Congrats!
  11. How were you notified that you were DQ? As with most of us here we have had to actively wait so just want to be sure 😁
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