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  1. You should definitely be ready to call. Unfortunately with the downturn in the USCIS workforce you may have to wait longer than usual to get a response.
  2. Alright to tie this together POE - 3/22 card produces - 6/11 card mailed - 6/22 tracking number - 6/23 says it should arrive by Friday so I will keep you guys posted
  3. Hey yeah the post right above is mine, card produced 6/11 card mailed 6/22
  4. New update, didn’t get a tracking number though so now another wait 😂
  5. So I find this weird but on the new case tracker I see that the last update changed to today but still shows in process. This is the 2nd time it's doing it, maybe someone is looking at my case? Been here over 70 days
  6. You should probably make a service request because this is over the 120 days, is it not?
  7. Hoping for both of us, but I did see that someone on this thread basically said all she did was check daily and it changed one day to in production. I think they recommend that you call USCIS since they would be the ones responsible for this.
  8. POE was FL for me, well going by the old rule-of-thumb it could just be that someone looked at it, it could just be a system thing. But I guess we wait because if there is one thing we know about USCIS is when they say 120 days, it means 120 days lol.
  9. Has anyone ever experienced the date change but the stage of the card doesn't? For example, on my profile it says submitted on March 24. It went 'In Process' on April 1st. After about 3 weeks the day changed to April 22nd but is still 'In Process'.
  10. Nice congrats. Do mind saying how long from POE to this time where you waiting? My old case status states that the payment was received and that's that.
  11. I have been stuck at 'In Process'. Guess the guys are slowed down with the pandemic.
  12. No it's fine, I understand the confusion. Originally it's at the bottom of the electronic receipt you would have received from the pay.gov site. If not I recommend giving the a call and they can walk you through how the setup will go.
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