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  1. Why am I not hearing anything about family based immigration. I'm in the fb2 category but no news about what is likely to happen.
  2. True. I went through it also and it doesn't apply to me, as I'm the beneficiary
  3. I'm not sure but from my understanding you should be hearing something from them by next week.🤞
  4. Yes I filed fb2 Visa. My dad petitioned for me but i dont think Visa type has anything to do with case reviews because whenever I call the nvc they're never specific about Visa type.
  5. I think they are working with the very first submission of documents. Hope you get dq real soon too. Hoping for the best for every one on this forum
  6. Not sure but I completed my ds-260 on January 23rd and then submitted my civil documents o that same day. I then submitted financial documents on the 21st of February. I am from Jamaica also, so that could also be a reason too.
  7. I've got dq'ed today March 31st. First submission. Submitted February 21st. I'm so happy🎉🎊🎉
  8. So they'll continue working just maybe at a slower pace because of some employees not present at work. Not bad, this situation is affecting everyone. Understand no one wants to be out of a job right now but good health comes first.
  9. 🤞hope they'll continue work but if not it's understandable with the situation right now
  10. Just waiting to see if I get dq this week. If not probably I'll call.
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