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  1. Any March LIN approved cases gotten a Case number yet pls
  2. I’m sure everyone should be but i guess nothing can be done but prayers and patience while his temporary order takes effect.
  3. Not yet. Only a mail notifying us it had been approved and we gotta wait on a case number with the guides on the next step to be taken. I’m surprise you got yours extremely early. Congrats on that.
  4. Case was sent to the department of states March 19 and turned out officially approved March 20.
  5. It doesn’t show when it was sent. How did you find yours
  6. When was your case approved? Hopefully i pray the process continues during Trump ban immigration since he claims it’s a temporary decision and I’m positive the congress wouldn’t support the decision.
  7. Ours was approved March 20 and still yet to get the case number tho.
  8. Anyone approved mid March and still yet to get a case number from NVC.
  9. Mine was transferred from Nebraska to Vermont 02/03/2020 and case was sent to the department of state 03/19/2020 which later turned approved 03/20/2020 (M/D/Y). Wish everyone still waiting for an approval a speedy approval. Goodluck
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