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  1. klam133

    K1-Visa questions

    Thank you, i think i am going to do that.
  2. klam133

    K1-Visa questions

    That is what i am afraid of. Should i hold off till she gets her visa?
  3. Hello all, I just recently submitted the I-129f ( Jan 05, 2020) and got the NOA1 in the mail (Jan 14th, 2020). I had a help from a friend of my grandpa that does all the immigration paper works. I was very happy that I got NOA1. Now the waiting game begins. I am planning to go back in May 2020 to do a quick visit my fiance for like a week, ( this will be the third visit. First one was back in July 2019, after 4 months of communication, second one was in Dec 2019, it was when i proposed). The third trip, we are planning to do a wedding photo shoot. My questions are 1. Would this wedding photo shoot gonna affect the interview? I read on the forum saying Engagment ceremonies can make it looks " too married" for k1 applications, but this is just a photo shoot. 2. I read on the forum that so many horror stories where many get rejected ever since the Houston scandal. I am not sure about the chances of us getting approved after that. 3. Would it be ideal after we get our NOA2, my fiance can go to one of those services that helps with paperwork to get her schedule for medical exam, appointment and paperworks ready for the interview? A little background about us. I was born in Vietnam, moved to US when i was 12. Met my fiance through a mutual friend of ours back in late Feb 2019. I am 25 M and my fiance is 22 FM. Thank you.
  4. Thanks, but like i was asking earlier, if she did applied for student visa and failed, is that something i should mention in the form?
  5. ANother question is whenever i go through the VJ posts, i always heard the term Front Loading the I-129F form. What does it mean?
  6. Thanks for your quick reply. That is my intention of doing. We probably wont be able to do the engagment ceremony until June. Can we do the engagement ceremony after i filed the application. Does the ceremony need to happen before i filing for her application? To be more clear, only her uncles that living here in the city. Her parents and brother still live in Vietnam where she lives, and they dont have any intention of coming here.
  7. We are 3 years apart. I am 25 and she is 22. I work her the niece's husband and I was looking for a girlfriend at the time and the husband helped me out. She has a lots of family members in the city where i live. She applied for the student visa to attend the university where i live.
  8. Thanks for replying. I just never actually satisfied with the answer and i just want to make sure everything is okay before filing the case.
  9. Hello, I just want to ask you guys about K1 visa. My fiance applied for student visa in Vietnam like a year ago and she was denied. Now we met through a mutual friend and i am thinking of doing k1. Would the rejection to student visa impact her chances of approval? Would CR1 be a better path here?
  10. Hello all, Can you guys give me a run down on the total cost of k1 visa, from starting the application to medical exam, scheduling an interview, etc? I just want to know so i can plan ahead. Thanks.
  11. I am a neutralized Vietnamese american. This is what i am afraid. How about her failing her student visa? Would that impact the application?
  12. Hello, I am new to the forum and i just wanted to ask a couple of questions about k1-process and if i am a bit too soon to file the application I met my girlfriend through her family, a niece of hers. We started talking early of March 2019 and i met her in person in Can Tho, Vietnam in July 2019. I stayed there for 2 weeks. I fell in love with her and decided to marry her. Question i have for you all is is it too soon for me to start the paper work process in September 2019 after 6 months of dating her and only met her once. I am flying back there again in December, meeting her parents and all. In addition, i have met her family here in states, especially her uncle. He told me he will represents her family as he is the oldest in the family. He approves of me and her. He also met my family as well. Another thing is she has applied for Student visa in the US but has failed. Would this be a red flag for her in the application? You know like oh the girl failed the student visa, now she will do everything she can to go here, like finding a fake husband and all. I love her very much and i know she does love me as well. I am planning to propose in December, which she is aware of ( she has to since i was too scared of picking up a wrong ring size).
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