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  1. Can’t the US embassy just search Nadra? Or they don’t do that ? Just starting the process.
  2. Even if his resident country for 13 years is UAE and we are going through Abu Dhabi ?
  3. This is amazing info. So the US citizen petitioner has their background checked before noa2 approved. When exactly do they run all the beneficiary background checks? Here in California too or once it gets to the embassy before the interview ? And because my fiancé is from Pakistan once he’s approved at interview he’s approved ? Or does it take longer after the interview ?
  4. Hi there. I’m in Ohio too. Reach out too this lady and she will help you. She’s our rep from Ohio that deals with immigration. She can look into your case Ellen_Kinker@portman.senate.gov google her, she’s amazing. Hope this helps !!
  5. Thank you so much. Yes we will use UAE since I’m a legal resident here. Will it eventually go to Pak too when uae is done with it or only UAE handles it since that’s where it will be sent ?
  6. Hello. New here and just got our NOA1. My question is that I’ve been a resident of UAE for 13 years but born in Pakistan. Is there anything else I need for the Abu Dhabi embassy besides my police clearance from Pakistan and my single certificate attested? Does our case go to Pakistan and UAE making it longer or just UAE ? Thank you so much
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