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  1. I'm sorry to hear that. I think I saw from someone else in this forum that you're allowed to resubmit an expedite request after a certain amount of days. I think the person was denied expedite the first time, resubmitted, and was approved the second time. Maybe you could give that a try? I know some people go through their congressman so maybe resubmitting through their office would be another option.
  2. Just received my husbands EAD card in the mail. It was sent out from USCIS on 4/21. Our I485 also changed to Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview on 4/22. So thankful the EAD process is over for us! It was a stressful month. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Hi! So our expedite request was approved last Tuesday, 4/14 and we received notification last Thursday, 4/16, that it was being produced. So about 3 days. Hope you get your notification soon!
  4. Received notification that the card was mailed to us earlier this evening!
  5. Sorry! I left that part out. We faxed it back using Hello Fax. We faxed it on 4/8 but didn't receive a response from USCIS so we faxed again this Monday 4/13 just to be sure. The next day 4/14, the expedite was approved.
  6. Hi everyone, this is my first post on VJ but I've been reading for a while and it's been very helpful to me and my husband throughout this process. I wanted to share our timeline in case it would be helpful as I know the process can be very stressful. We expedited based on financial hardship as my husband has matched into a medical residency program and he would have to wait an entire year to apply for another one if he didn't receive his EAD in time. 1/14/20: USCIS received I485, I765, I130 1/17/20: NOA for all three 2/14/20: Bio completed 3/7/20: I485 RFIE received (Birth Certificate, we believe it is because we submitted a short form. However, the short form included all of the required information so we were confused. But we sent back the long form.) 3/25/20: Sent our response back to USCIS 3/27/20: USCIS received our RFIE response 3/30/20: We called USCIS and requested an expedite and were told to wait 5 days. The next day, our case tracker showed the three actions "assigned", "response sent", "completed". 4/7/20: We called USCIS again since we did not receive any information. No email, no letter. The agent told us that on 3/31/20, they sent us an email and he read the email to us. It was the email requesting further information for the expedite. He read us the email it was sent to and realized it was off by one letter. This was weird as we called the Friday before to confirm the email address and the agent read it back to us correctly then. He transferred us to a tier 2 to put a request in to have the email resent. We spoke to a tier 2 and she did it for us. 4/8/20: We received the email. Case tracker repeated the same three statuses as when we put in the original expedite. We sent back evidence 2 hours later. Included a cover letter (explained how him losing the medical residency would delay us for an entire year as residents only get hired once every March and it is a very competitive process) , offer letter, and receipt of what he spent applying for residency programs this year. 4/14/20: Case status online showed "Expedite Request Approved". We never received notice that USCIS received our evidence. 4/16/20: New Card Is Being Produced We were so happy to receive this notice as we can now begin to plan our move to where my husband will be completing his residency. It was a very stressful process for us but we are so grateful it has worked out and thankful to God. Good luck to everyone who is going through this process! I hope you will get very good news soon.
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