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  1. I had a proper check and I think you’re right only concerns those that have been in the UK or another banned country for the past 14 days. I just remember receiving an email regarding the ESTAs shortly after the travel ban started was all!
  2. How can your fiancée go to the US for 90 days? Haven’t they disallowed the use of ESTAs, regardless of whether or not you quarantine? Sorry if I’m misunderstanding!
  3. Because they only started processing them again as of the 1st of this month, based on what I've read. I'm not sure I'd use the word routinely, but I'm not really keeping track of spousal visas as I'm a K1 applicant.
  4. Not sure, but if you read the embassy website it clarifies that this is not the case.
  5. They’re already processing spouse but not K1. The embassy website says they’ll process K1 when they resume routine services
  6. Does anyone have any updates on this? The list of eligible countries to fly to from the U.K. can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-countries-and-territories-exempt-from-advice-against-all-but-essential-international-travel Is there a similar list for the US? Thinking of trying to meet up at the beginning of next month.
  7. So surely, when they get around to issuing K1’s, they won’t turn around and say ‘sorry you can’t fly, you’ll need to quarantine in another country first’ - just seems illogical, because the K1 expires if you don’t leave within six months. May need someone else to confirm, but I’m certain I’ve seen people already issued K1’s prior to March enter directly to the US during the ban.
  8. So even those being issued CR1 visas can’t actually go at the moment...? I’m expecting them to get rid of the travel EO and open embassies in one fell swoop.
  9. Yeah I’m definitely considering it after the EO. Thinking of moving it to August and continuously rescheduling - someone else on VJ told me he’s kept doing this and they’re fine with it.
  10. My fiancée called them at the start of this month, got my LND number, and I have a medical booked. The woman on the phone told me so long as I have an email with my LND number and name on it, that I may attend the medical. This email came from NVC, confirming my LND case number after my fiancée called. It doesn’t really say anything else. I don’t believe it is possible to book the visa interview however, I’m taking a slight gamble and hoping the embassy reopens by the end of the year and I’m done. (6 month rule from medical.)
  11. It isn’t lost. Everyone’s cases are being held at NVC until your respective embassy reopens. My fiancée called them and asked, and it’s the same thing everyone on here is getting told. You can get your case number by calling NVC. It was probably assigned about two months ago.
  12. All booked for start of July! For anyone wondering, if you already have the police certificate, they can see you as soon as Wednesday. They are open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and require you to have an email confirmation from NVC with your LND number, and your full name. I made sure that it was okay that I hadn't been transferred to the embassy yet and she said that was fine. I suppose as long as you're comfortable with the 6 month rule, it's okay to book a medical at the moment if you can get an email from NVC.
  13. I'm getting conflicting information here. Can somebody please clarify?
  14. Received my ACRO certificate today. I looked at the required documents for the medical in the link above - do you need 4 standard passport sized photos? The link on the embassy website which is supposed to show you is dead! I'm thinking of trying to schedule a medical for sometime in July, even if appointments are immediately available. Should I ask them to clarify whether the email confirmation of my LND number is enough, or will they just tell me where to go? I've still got this concern that I turn up and they ask me for the letter from the embassy! The file is still currently at NVC, and I'm guessing it won't go to London until routine visa processing resumes.
  15. My fiancee had originally emailed them saying along the lines of: - I am sending this email because I am waiting to hear about whether or not NVC has received my I-129F petition. - From what I understand, we should have received a case number and update of status by now. I received my Notice of Action form during the first week of April. It has been over 30 days since this happened, so I am sending this email as the notice instructs me to after this amount of time has passed. I just want to be sure that I have the case number and move ahead with the petition as needed. Thank you in advance for any and all help. However, she didn't get an email back after about a week, so I told her to just call them at 7AM. When she was given the case number over the phone, they sent her the following: "We entered the immigrant visa petition mentioned in your letter into our computer system and assigned a case number LND__________. The petitioner, principal applicant, and/or attorney of record will receive instructions regarding further processing of this petition." She was told over the phone however, that the case would be held at NVC until London embassy reopens, which I'm sure you're well aware of!
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