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  1. For the K1 interview If I am using a co-sponsor (father of my fiancée), what needs to be included? Obviously the affidavit of support form (I-134), but I've heard also a W2 and an employment letter? What is meant by an 'employment letter' if this is what is needed. If somebody knows, could you please clarify what is and is not needed? My fiancée isn't acting as the financial sponsor since she is currently a full-time student. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys Considering visiting my fiancée in the US, but thinking of where to stay in between for 14/15 days. I’m from the U.K., and believe I can enter Canada as I have extended family members who are Canadian citizens. (Aunt, uncle and cousins.) Does anyone know if I will be allowed to fly to the US from Canada for tourism (to visit my fiancée) after spending the allotted 14 days in Canada? I’m aware that Mexico, Jamaica and Turkey are options, but given I have family in Canada, this could prove to be much cheaper. Thanks!
  3. There’s now a backlog of thousands of us waiting on them to resume processing K1’s. You aren’t alone. They cite the travel Ban as the reason despite K1’s now being defined as high priority by the department of state. There has been a lawsuit filed against the DoS, so we will see if that does anything. We’re just having to sit tight and hope at the moment though.
  4. Yes, you ask for the summary, but just the shorter version. Apparently there’s a longer one which visamedicals don’t need. Certified? I’m unsure. I’ve lived in the U.K. my whole life so it’s contained within the medical summary. I just requested my ‘immunisation history’. You might be able to ring visamedicals in London and ask though? Otherwise someone on here might be able to help.
  5. Never went, have cancelled it for now until I get some good news on K1’s! Sorry I don’t have anything else to report - I’m sure others will be able to share their experiences though!
  6. Thank you for such a detailed response. I know exactly where you’re coming from, and we will consider all of these things when filing. Like people have already suggested, we aren’t particularly optimistic, just feel we may as well try.
  7. She isn’t working for 5 months, regardless of whether I’m there or not. I shouldn’t have posted the reason cause I knew I’d get people criticising the situation.
  8. Even if I can prove I have a lot of savings we could use, and will no longer have things in the UK to pay for since we will be living together?
  9. Thanks! Glad I got a response so quick. Is it just as simple as what I said then - an email titled expedite request, along with the reason and evidence?
  10. Does anyone have experience with expedite requests for K1’s? (Or any visa if there’s no difference!) My fiancée and I are going to make a request on grounds of financial hardship for the petitioner. Do we just send an email to the email address quoted on the NVC website, along with relevant supporting documentation as attachments, quoting our NVC case number? The case is currently held up at NVC like all K1’s, and we are filing at the London embassy. I know that our chances of success are slim given what we have read, but any tips/pointers would be great, thanks.
  11. Yeah, that’s why everyone here is so annoyed (me included). But the travel ban gets cited as a reason for them not issuing the visas, despite the visa not being banned. There is no exemption either though. There’s a specific exemption for spouses and children which is why IR1/CR1 visas are getting processed and not K1’s.
  12. The short answer is no. Some have started doing K1’s, but none covered by the travel ban.
  13. Just looks like it was copy and pasted from their website, the wording is the exact same. I wouldn’t get too discouraged, as other embassies are reopening for K1’s - albeit they’re not under the travel ban.
  14. Must be to address some embassies now processing K1’s. Hopefully things change soon! I know Singapore have started processing them.
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