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  1. Well, I'm already at the "waiting for an interview" stage, so it seems a little late to start over on another track now.
  2. Argh, how confusing! I swear the immigration process is designed to be as painful as possible.
  3. Thanks! I wasn't able to find that thread for some reason, I guess I entered the wrong search terms. From what I gather, it's in something of a legal gray area because it hasn't been explicitly decided on in law, and there are stories of people doing this and not getting in trouble. I also noticed that "unauthorized employment" is defined by USCIS on this page as "any service or labor performed for an employer within the United States..." which would mean my case would not be unauthorized since it's for an employer outside of the United States. I'm still not totally free of worry, but it's a start.
  4. Once I receive my K-1 visa, I plan to move to the US as soon as possible, get married and file for AOS along with an EAD. However, if I have a job with a non-US company that has me working remotely and I can continue to do so after relocating, would it be legal to do so during the period that I'm waiting for an EAD, since it doesn't involve a US company and I could presumably still be paid in my account back home? The job in question wouldn't allow me to take a leave of absence while awaiting the EAD, given the long expected processing times and the uncertainty about exactly how long it would take.
  5. My fiance and I are in the process of filling out the I-129F form. We're also in the process of buying a house, but it sounds like it may still be a few months before he can actually move in. Obviously, we want to avoid waiting that long to submit, so we're trying to figure out what to do about the address parts of the form. I've read about how to change the petitioner's address, so that shouldn't be a problem. However, there's also the "Address In The United States Where Your Beneficiary Intends To Live" section. Ultimately, this will be the address of our new house, but what do we put here in the meantime? Is it possible to change this information along with the petitioner's address later? Also, I will probably be moving myself while the petition is being processed, as I currently live in a student dorm. I've already filled in my parents' address as my mail address to ensure nothing gets lost, but is it important to let USCIS know when my physical address changes? If so, how do I do that? Thanks in advance.
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