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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    Nebraska Service Center
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    Our story is pretty long winded. I have two children from a previous relationship and a one year old with my husband.
    We got married on April 10th 2017.
    We consulted an immigration lawyer and started the visa process. We received the NOA on 10-23-17.
    When we received this we noticed my children’s names were not on this. The lawyer had not included my children due to some confusion on their part.
    We now had to save to pay for the children’s process to be started.
    I received my approval notice on the 05-01-18 & our son was born on 05-10-18.
    I had asked the lawyer if we could wait to finish my visa processing until my children’s process had finished, we were told this was ok.
    We received the NOA for the children on 01-22-19.
    We have not heard anything since then. Our service centre is Nebraska 😩
    According to processing times it’s taking them up to 15.5 months and they are only up to May 2018.
    We were really hoping to all be together for Christmas but this is looking very unlikely.
    My husband is missing out on so much of our sons life. He’s missed all our baby’s firsts, rolling over, crawling, walking, words, his first Father’s Day, first Christmas etc and it’s effecting us massively.
    Because of this we have decided to continue with my visa process and are hoping for a miracle and that the children’s process will catch up to mine.
    Fingers crossed that Nebraska start to speed things up 🤞

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  1. I applied for the ESTA while my I-130 was pending and travelled to the US without any problems ( I am also from the UK).
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