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  1. I can’t imagine how one still can think to be with someone who cheated on him plus got pregnant, no way!. I would just stop all immigration process and broke up immediately.
  2. Had my interview 12/11/2019 and my Ceremony was scheduled for 01/23/2020. All corona things started around end of Feb and middle of March, I mean it’s took pretty long for you to get ceremony date.
  3. I think many people applying for food stamps and unemployment this days.They know it’s a hard time for everyone right now.
  4. Most of the embassy’s are closed, right now, many interviews canceled. You can contact your embassy for more information
  5. The United States is suspending all routine immigrant and non-immigrant visa services as of Wednesday in most countries worldwide due to coronavirus outbreak, a spokeswoman for the State Department said. The spokeswoman did not mention which or how many countries are halting services. She said U.S. missions abroad will continue to provide emergency visa services "as resources allow," and that the services to U.S. citizens will remain available. Missions will resume routine visa services as soon as possible, the spokeswoman said, without giving a date. —Reuters https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/03/18/coronavirus-live-updates.html
  6. Officially US Citizen. So glad it’s done that fast. Oath Ceremony took two and half hours. Good luck to everyone.
  7. Finally got my Naturalization Ceremony Letter by the end of January 😍 can’t wait to join the BIG day! Took exactly 5 months since filing till Ceremony.
  8. What your parents says? Are they ok with their new 53 years old bride? How many kids you want? Midesiz
  9. My Oath Ceremony was scheduled 4 days ago but still no letter in my Documents tab. It’s says wait few days to see the letter but there is still nothing. How long you waited to see the letter after Ceremony notice? Thanks
  10. So is that mean that I have to stop checking online my account and check and wait for actual mail in my physical address mailbox? That’s really confusing since they were adding Payment receipt, Biometric and interview letter online in Documents part
  11. I had my interview this week and I.O said I am gonna receive letter in 4-6 weeks. I am little bit confused about letter and online letter. Are they sending Oath Ceremony letter only by post to my address or I will receive it on my documents online as well as by post, ? They sent all letters online in my documents part, will I be able to see Oath Ceremony letter too? Thanks
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