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  1. Congrats! That’s super fast. I applied in Nashville and my estimated time is July 2020. I wish they that fast in Nashville too but no. Good luck
  2. I heard about police report as well but wouldn’t put it in risk, I think it’s better for her to renew it just in case. Thank you
  3. Thank you for response. She actually asked at finger print office about it and they said it’s fine, not sure why they didn’t give her any info
  4. Asking for a friend she already applied for N400 on August 2019 done with fingerprint. At the end of September she lost her Green Card. Now she has only a photocopy of her Green Card and original is lost. Does she need to renew it and get a new one or it’s ok and she can go for her naturalization exam and ceremony without her original Green Card? Thanks in advance for answers.
  5. Anyone knows why case complication time changing all the time. When I first applied in August it was August 2020, after Biometric changed to June 2020 same day evening July 2020, and this morning changed to September 2020. Nothing except this changing. Anyone has any idea?
  6. Well I don’t think so. Because after my Biometric Estimated time was June 2020 (before Biometric it was August 2020) afternoon when I logged in again this time it was showing July 2020. I didn’t upload any doc that day.
  7. Anyone who applied from Nashville, did you already get your Interview letter (with or without date) ? My estimated case completion says July 2020, and estimated wait time 9 months. Thanks in advance.
  8. I did my Biometric yesterday and after few hours my est case completion time changed from 11 months to 9 months. Then after few hours it changed Estimated case completion 10 months and Estimated wait time 9 months. Anyone has any idea what this mean? How early I can get Naturalization Interview date after Biometric? I heard people gets interview date in a month after Bio Appointment but for next year. Thanks
  9. My estimated time changed today from 12 months to 7 months after Biometric appointment. But there is nothing online except that, like we received you Biometric etc.
  10. 7 Months sounds better than 12 months. What was your estimated completion time before Biometric App? I am applying from Nashville and it’s August 2020 hope it will take shorter.
  11. Thank you for responding, seems like Tennessee one of the longest wait time state. Many states are shorter waiting time. My Biometric scheduled in Nashville office, hope they will not send to another city, so complicated this years...
  12. I applied on August 2019 and my estimated time showing August 2020. Nashville. I was wondering if anyone had the same long wait time but after Biometric it changed to shorter waiting time. One year is just a pretty long wait. Applied for Naturalization as a DV Lottery Winner after 5 years. Any answer appreciated.
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