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  1. I posted a question like this a few days ago. My boyfriend and I are into the kink lifestyle. So all our texts are weird as lol. (Proud weirdo) Anywho I'm sure mine are waaaaay worse than yours. You should be fine haha. Goodluck to you
  2. Okay thank you for your input. It is greatly appreciated and thank you! Best of luck to you as well
  3. Awww thank you for your kind words and that's so fricking cute haha. I'm glad you two found eachother.
  4. Thank you so much for your input! Oh but what about video call screenshots like showing we cammed for 10 hours? I think that would be nice proof. Or the funny screen shots we take on cam with fliters/no fliters? Jeez thoses prices 😕.....my pockets are crying already lol. I warned my boyfriend about how long this will take and the prices. He said he would like to help out which is nice. Yeah that's an issue because I can't work. I'm going to ask a family memeber to sponser my boyfriend. I do get money I'm on ssi for good reasons. Not how I would like it to be but that's my life right now. Again thank you for the advice I really appreciate it. Best of luck to you with everything.
  5. Ooooh okay I see. I will definitely make sure when I file that he doesn't have big plans or anything and can make the interview. You summed it up perfectly with your last statement. I have to be prepared for all the possible outcomes
  6. Very wise and informative input, thank you so much for taking the time to give advice. It is really appreciated Goodluck with your process
  7. Omg thank you!!!! I think the same thing. I just wanna hiss shut up haha. What did you expect seriously. Then some say I'm American I'm American! Okay that's great but they're not. I'm not saying they have to completely change but me personally I would not mind compromising. Because that's what you do for eachother.
  8. Y'all just a side note does it matter now that I've said I'll be flying out in October of next year and going back around Feb or March 2021? I mean of course it matters. I agree with everyone. Filling soon is the best option. Was just wondering if that would still be considered as a cramped time sisuation?
  9. Oh no Yeeeeah I had a feeling. The thing is I would be visiting from October till February or March. Sorry about that yall should have been more clear. But still even so you all have good points. Filling as soon as possible is the best choice. Okay thank you for your advice. It is greatly appreciated As for the wedding we were going to the court house if we got approved. And plan a bigger one later on. Oh! And thank you. Goodluck to you as well
  10. Honestly if I could I would file asap. Gosh darnit 😕 not just a thought, a very good thought aha. I should have started saving earlier. Just wasn't sure when the right time would be. I'm so glad yall got to fly back together that's nice Well guess 2021 will be our year. Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts
  11. Well that reeeeeeeally sucks yeah you're right. The sooner the better. I would do it soon but I need to get the fee you need to submit the paper work. By the way it went up a lot oh my goodness. When I saw what it was to what it went to I was disappointed. Yeaaah it's not 800 but still.
  12. I'm not to sure my boyfriend starts in late September. I was brainstorming and came up with the idea to file in February 2020 or March? Because when I visit him in October next year I want him to come back with me. So I have to wait and see. When I know I'll definitely do that. Thanks for the other info you gave me
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