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    Jerome previously lived in the US for almost 10 years with his mother who is also Australian. We lived in the same town and had many mutual friends, but a pretty sure we never met lol. Jerome was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in Feb 2016 and returned to Australia for treatment abandoning his US residency. A few months later we connected online and began our friendship. We became very close and talked frequently while he was going through his cancer battle. We made our relationship official on July 21st 2018 and I bought my first ticket to Australia for October. After visiting him in October 2018 we couldn't bare to be apart so I delayed my flight home and purchased a new round trip ticket so I could leave in early November and come back on a working holiday visa after Christmas. I moved to Australia on December 28, 2018 and we have been together ever since. We flew to the US together in July 2019 so he could meet my family and ask for my parent's blessing to marry me. Now we are preparing for the K1 visa process and dreading being apart again, but excited to be back home in the US together with our friends again and getting married next year!

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  1. Thank you for understanding my entire point lol My co-sponsor is well over the required income and has all of the required documentation. I'm just going to submit my offer of employment letter and last few years of my tax returns which will show sufficient income. My profession the past 3 tax years is the same as the one on my employment letter so that should also show my income will continue where it left off before I moved overseas for a year. I am also going to write a short letter for our CO briefly explaining that I was unemployed while out of the US and now back in the US and returning to the same field/salary. I'm sure my fiancé can explain all of that anyway though.
  2. From everything I've seen in my research its okay if you weren't "officially engaged" at the time of applying as long as you had every intention of marrying. I think a lot of people talk about marriage and their plans before they get engaged. I don't think its any different considering we are now engaged and have every intention of marrying just like we did when we wrote our letters of intent. My fiancé wanted to make the proposal special which is why he hadn't proposed yet at the time of our filing the petition. We both knew we would be engaged though. The Sydney consulate doesn't include tax returns or transcripts or anything on their required documents list/packet 4. The only thing they include is the I-134 instructions which list a letter from the bank with details of the account and a letter from employer. Those are the only supporting documents required in the instructions. I called the IRS a couple of months ago to change my address and request transcripts. Turns out the person I talked to didn't change my address so I never got them. So called again a few weeks ago and requested them again and changed my address again. I wasn't able to get them online initially because my address hadn't been changed yet. I did try to go on and get them again, but I don't have a phone bill in my name because I've been using a prepaid plan since I returned to the US a few months ago. So now they're mailing me a a validation code which could take another 10 days. I'm hoping the transcripts might still show up this week or possibly the validation letter so I can get them online. Otherwise I will have to go to the nearest IRS office to get them. 2019 taxes shouldn't be required yet because it's still before the April 15th deadline and our interview is before the deadline. At least that's what I've been told anyway. The letter is a great idea. I will do that just to cover my bases.
  3. Okay sure maybe in the eyes of the government/USCIS and you. We didn't consider ourselves engaged yet though and neither did our family or friends. My only point in saying that was because someone suggested the CR-1 was a better option and I was explaining why it wasn't. Maybe some people don't mind rushing to get married for immigration purposes, but we didn't want to. I still feel we made the best decision choosing the K1. To each their own.
  4. Yeah we knew going in to it the CR-1 was the better option of the two on paper, but it just wasn't an option for us for multiple reasons. My fiancé lived in the US for 10 years on a green card before he was diagnosed with cancer. He graduated high school in the US, his only work history is from the US, etc. Most of his life is in the US so we weren't too worried about being denied. Him not being able to work isn't an issue for us. All of his friends are here so he will have plenty to do to keep him busy. It was more important for us to pay a little more in the long run and have a longer process because we will be together much sooner. Of course that's not always the ideal scenario for everyone. Thanks for your help!
  5. Someone said applying for the K1 didn't make sense for us because I was living abroad. When we submitted our petition for the K1 visa we weren't officially engaged yet. We knew we were going to get married, but he hadn't officially proposed. We didn't want to rush everything just to do a CR-1 before my visa to live in his country expired. In our situation the K1 made more sense. Its kind of irrelevant to the question in general, but I thought I would explain why the K1 in our case did make sense since someone questioned it.
  6. Yeah we submitted our petition for the K1 in October while I was living in Australia. The visa I was there on expired at the end of December meaning I knew I would be returning to the US. We weren't engaged yet when we submitted our petition and we want to marry in the US so there wasn't enough time to get married and do all of the things required for the CR-1. Especially considering we were both unemployed at the time we petitioned (my parents paid the I-129F fee) It would've also meant more time apart for us since I couldn't stay in Australia with him while he waited. This way we'll have only been apart for 3 months by the time he's here. He's not working in Australia anyway and we'll be living with my parents so the waiting for the green card once he gets here isn't an issue for us. For some people the K1 is the best option.
  7. Why do you say the K1 option confuses you? We've got the joint sponsor and all of their documents are in order. I was just mostly concerned with my income matching the tax info. Should I still provide tax transcripts for myself? I've requested them from the IRS twice now and still have not received them so I'm worried they won't arrive in time. From what I've seen the Australian embassy doesn't require them, but I've also seen cases where they look at them so I'd rather have them to be safe. My joint sponsor is providing theirs so maybe it will be okay.
  8. I am preparing my I-134 and supporting documents for my fiancé to take to his interview in a couple weeks. I am using my 2016, 2017 and 2018 taxes. I was unemployed all of 2019 (living in fiance's country). I am back in the US now and will be starting my job on the same day my fiancé has his interview so I will just be sending my official offer of employment letter to him since that's all I can provide from my job. When filling the I-134 should I list my current annual income or what my income was on my most recent taxes? My income will soon be similar to my 2018 taxes once I start this job, but my bank statements for the past year won't back that up so should I just say I'm unemployed on the form and leave my income as $0 and send the letter with my fiancé so he can explain I will be starting work? We have a co/joint sponsor who meets all of the requirements so I'm not too worried. I just don't want them to reject us because I fill something out incorrectly.
  9. When you search on CEAC put immigrant visa instead of non-immigrant visa. I believe I had that same issue. For some reason at that step its considered immigrant visa. It will be the same when you go to pay the visa fee through the US travel website. You'll have to list is as an immigrant visa. At least it was for us for the Australian embassy.
  10. Just coming back to update those of you who are hopefully close behind! We got our NOA2 on January 29th, NVC received and forwarded our case on February 18th (I never called but got the email from NVC on the 18th with case number and that it had been forwarded to embassy) The embassy in Australia received our case less than a week later on February 24th. We submitted our DS-160 the same day and paid our visa fee and sent packet 3 back. We've just received our packet 4 email today with interview scheduled for March 17th. Tickets are now booked. I can't believe how quickly its moved since NOA2. Hoping for the same for all of you!
  11. Okay thank you. He didn't put his middle name on the DS-160 or his profile for paying the visa fee. It looks like I can't change it on either unless I do it all over again. Since he's already emailed packet 3 to the embassy I guess we will wait and see if they say anything. When he emailed packet 3 he included his middle name in the email. The only forms missing his middle name are the DS-160 and visa fee application.
  12. I found another post with a similar issue and saw he can ask the CO at this interview to add his middle name to the DS-160 so I guess my main concern is if it should be added to the profile he created with USTravel when he paid the visa fee. Is it more important for that to match his passport than his DS-160 since DS-160 can be changed? Hoping @Greenbaum can answer this.
  13. So my fiancé submitted his DS-160 and paid the visa fee and got his receipt number. He's already emailed packet 3 back to the embassy and I've just noticed his middle name which is in his passport is not printed on his DS-160 confirmation page and is not on his profile for the visa application where he paid the $265 fee. Is this going to be an issue?
  14. Hey everyone! Just updating again. I received the email that our case was received by the NVC and forwarded last week. The DHL hack said the packet would be received by the embassy by the end of the day on Friday (2/21) I got the email for packet 3 from the consulate late last night (Monday morning Australia time) asking for DS-160 confirmation and fee receipt so we will be sending packet 3 back today. So excited things are moving so quickly now! I think its time for me to move over to my Australia specific forum. Just wanted to update one last time. Good luck to everyone and hoping it moves quickly for all of you too!
  15. My fiancé has had to get varicella (chicken pox), MMR, and Hep A and B. He's had them all already but he lost his immunity after his stem cell transplants because his immune system was wiped basically. So you'll either need the varicella vaccine if you haven't had chickenpox or a blood test confirming you have had it. My fiancé had the blood test done at GP to be sure because its free with the GP. They are also covering his Hep A and B vaccines so the only vaccine he had to pay for was the varicella which is a one time jab. MMR and Hep B I think are common in Australia so you may only be lacking Hep A. I think there's an official list on the travel.gov site. Definitely recommend doing it with the GP before the medical to save money.
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