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  1. When is the 90 days up? I’ve been debating on giving them a call but I am sure they will just say they are backed up due to COVID.
  2. Mine too! We were hoping to at least have the EAD by now... There’s people who filed after us who are receiving their EAD and biometrics so I don’t understand what’s going on..
  3. Hello everyone. I am in a kind of panicky mood this morning. We have been patiently waiting for the notice to come in the mail with our biometrics appointment. We filed for I-485 and it was received by USCIS on April 11th, 2020. Since then, when checking our case status it has just said fingerprint fee received. I was told that we would receive a letter from USCIS in the mail with details about the biometrics appointment. Well, it has been 5 months and no notice. I am getting kinda nervous that maybe it was lost in the mail or something. Is anyone else experiencing this? I know that they were shut down for a bit due to COVID, however, they have been open back up since June.
  4. Hello everyone, My fiance had his interview at the Sydney consulate a little over a week ago. He was given the 221(g) form since he did his medical exam a day before his interview. (Sydney allows people to do the medical exam a day before since they only have a few on their list of certified doctors for the interview). Firstly, I would like to know an estimate of how long it would take for the medical exam results to be sent to the consulate and how long it takes for the consulate to look over that before making a decision? Secondly, when we go onto the Consular Electronic Application Center to check the visa application status, it says "No Status". I read online somewhere that the status gets updated before you have your interview and after you pay the DS-160 fees. As I said we have already had our interview, so that means we have also paid the DS-160 fees. Is there something I am missing? I am honestly really worried that I missed a step. We were hoping that he would receive his passport back with the approved visa before October, but at this rate I am kinda getting worried that our plans will have to change.. Thanks! 😽
  5. Hi, It depends on which consulate your interview is at if you can use a co sponsor. We just had our interview in Sydney and on their website it says that you can use co sponsors, so just check the website of where your interview will be
  6. Hello everyone 😁 we are getting to the last steps of our visa process (thankfully) and we are just preparing now for the consulate interview. Also I hope that I am posting this in the correct category, if not I apologize, I am new here. I (the petitioner) am just trying to figure out the I-134 form. I definitely know that I will need a co-sponsor, which my parents are more than happy to help with that. My first question is can they both be a co-sponsor? (my fiance is from Australia btw) and if so, do I have to file a separate I-134 form for each of them? They file their taxes together (I believe it's as a joint marriage). My second question is about my own I-134 form. When it asks for my annual income, I am not sure what to put. I just started a new job a few months ago, so I don't really know what my yearly income will be. I did have a job last year that I only worked for from August-December, so that's not a full year of income, and I did not file taxes for that job, but I do have my W2. I believe that is all of my questions and I appreciate anyone who can answer them for me! Cheers! 😅
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