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  1. I've got an expedited appointment at London embassy, they booked it for me after requesting it, unsure if they do the same for everyone but hopefully it helps !
  2. I wish London had something like this !! I am a parent of a US citizen and exempt from all proclamations.
  3. Mine was about a week on both occasions
  4. I was quite impressed with how clear they’ve finally put stuff on the website Lol
  5. https://bit.ly/3hWdzhk Just came across this on Twitter. A lawyer has put together an app that can help you understand if you come under the travel ban etc.. very straight forward ! Hopefully it can help someone.
  6. Same here ! Had July 6th that got cancelled immediately applied for July 27th and that got cancelled within 5 mins and the no appointments were available at all then went on later that Friday evening and managed to get July 6th again lol but hadn’t been cancelled yet so fingers crossed.
  7. Correct, but London embassy had sent an email stating it was. I think every embassy is different. @HRQX apologies again lol didn’t realize the new PP was already released. Thanks for that !
  8. Apologies should’ve been a bit more clearer. London embassy believe that K1 comes under that PP, they had cancelled all K1 appointments in for July and claimed it to be because of the PP (confusing because it doesn’t state anything about the K visa in the PP).
  9. Just a thought, please don’t bite my head off if you think it’s completely stupid. With this new EO set to be signed today, it now lists non-immigrant visas that are banned until the end of the year but K1 isn’t on the list... could this work well in our favour ? Or do you think we’ll just be brushed to side (again) ?
  10. I managed to get a July 6th appointment again after all the cancellations on Friday, just went on to see if any more days had opened up in August as I don't have great faith that the July appointment will go ahead, No appointments available but July appointment hasn't been cancelled, what a mess this is, so confusing lol ! Fully expecting my appointment to be cancelled in the week. As for your last question I believe London embassy renews your petition at the window during the interview and all you need to take is a new up to date letter on intent. (someone correct me if i'm wrong)
  11. I'd of thought they cant give exact dates etc.. also July appointments are available to book wouldn't they be blocked if they weren't opening? The way all this has been handled with next to no communication or clarity I don't have much faith in the embassy/consulates lol.
  12. I rescheduled but there was nothing for August so I've booked a slot in July just in the hopes that they'll open (Not very hopeful), if not ill be keeping an eye on openings in August ! I had my my medical in March.
  13. Sadly not. Had one booked for March 27th which got cancelled then had another for July 6th and that got cancelled too.
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