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  1. We are living in so much uncertainty right now it’s devastating. Have you tried requesting an emergency interview? I really hope everything works out.
  2. Hey people, how are you holding up? According to their update, Lufthansa will be resuming flights in June from Abuja and Ph to Chicago, New York and LA only. Check their website for more details. If there’s anything this pandemic has taught me it’s to make plans immediately!!! so if I were you......
  3. So if the suspension lasts till Trump leaves office (let’s say in 2025) does that mean people will still be allowed to file petitions with USCIS and when the petition gets to the consulate stage it will just sit there.
  4. I disagree! I don’t even see how it’s possible to not issue a tourist visa or allow tourists in anymore. I also don’t see how this will last till 2025 and people will have to start over again. Suspend routine visa services indefinitely? Meaning those working at the embassy will loose their jobs( aren’t they trying to save jobs) LOL Make it make sense!
  5. sadly, it looks like the ban on flights has been extended for another 4 weeks. So hopefully by June😪
  6. You can give it a shot! There's no harm in trying. I know a Nigerian citizen with a visa who was able to leave with one of the flights last month, his wife and kids are citizens and live in the US. Goodluck
  7. Yh I know NVC and USCIS is still working but I was referring to the embassy. I know there are no interviews being held at the moment. But, is there still work going on other than interviews.
  8. Yh I know Uscis and NVC are still working but I was referring to the consulate/embassy. Well I guess they are if his file was updated on the 19th.
  9. Does this mean they are still working on cases while the embassy is closed?
  10. If it was an immigrant visa there won’t be any need to adjust status. The K1 visa only allows you to enter the US to get married. You can leave and adjust your status or you can stay in the US to adjust your status. Immigrant visa holders enter as immigrants, K1 visa holders do not enter the US as immigrants.
  11. No thanks. Our borders are closed, no flights in and out. And no Nigeria doesn’t accept everything. God bless.
  12. Yes. You become a spouse of a USC, so that automatically makes you exempt. Note that only a US citizen can petition for a fiancé, a LPR can’t.
  13. It’s a non immigrant visa and I think it’s exempt. Talking from experience from previous bans on immigrant visas but pls clarify with your embassy.
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