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  1. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to report that my teenager and I got our PR cards (they are not green anymore - in fact, they are pink but "pink cards" mean something entirely different in Canada!) via USPS Priority Delivery on August 23, which would make that pretty well a month after our arrival, and 2 weeks after we received our SSN cards. They arrived on the same day as my Elections Canada ballot, so I find that ironic! Thank you to everyone here, in VJ and in this thread especially, for helping us with everything and keeping us calm and assuaging our fears since 2019. It took a long while, especially with COVID, but we made it and we are here, and you all will make it and be here too! See you in 5 years when/if I decide to file for citizenship
  2. If you look at @Hawk Riders post above this one, there is a link in the signature at the end of the post.
  3. Thanks @Ontarkie for the retag! To @Fobosdaemios, our SSNs arrived literally two weeks to the day of our entry, and we entered on a Saturday. Now I get to rebuild credit... and wait for my green card! Glad to see they have started scheduling interviews again, and good luck to all of you who are waiting - it does get better!!!
  4. Unfortunately, I don't have any advice to give you about this. We've always filed MFS since we lived apart. This tax year (2021) will be the first where we file together, and that will only be for the last half of the year. I would contact BDO about this though - their cross-border tax section are very willing to give you some free advice if you have a very specific question (which you do). They have helped me for free quite a bit.
  5. I only know from my experience. They did say to the family in front of us that, since they still had a loan on the car, they would have to pay taxes on their vehicle to import it. I would definitely call USCBP and ask them.
  6. I had read that too, but I think one of the factors was that the family in front had tried to do the same thing, i.e. drive the car down and import it later, so they were asking for the letter up front. The guard told me that selling the car for scrap is "still selling your vehicle for a value, which requires importation". Just the luck of the draw, I guess....
  7. This is from last year. I am guessing the backlog still exists: https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/uscis-discloses-delays-in-issuance-of-32189/
  8. Your green card is your VISA in your passport. Once it's stamped, that IS your green card. If you mean you haven't received your Social Security Number yet, you should call to see what's happening with it.
  9. Hi Everyone, I have been meaning to write this for a few days. We crossed in Saturday, but it was an adventure to do so, and I think I'm only recovering now. The crossing part was easy - we drove to Windsor/Detroit, was taken into secondary, had to leave the cat and our cell phones in the car, went into the little building, they scanned our passports (there were issues with that but they were technical because they had a new system that only one person knew how to run, so it was giving everyone problems, including the family in front of us who were also activating their family visas at the same time), they reviewed my list of goods, and my teenager and I (and the cat) were admitted. However, my car was not. There were debates back and forth on VJ about whether or not one can drive one's vehicle down and import the vehicle later instead of at the time of crossing. I know we should have probably called the border to ask first, but I was in such a state of flux about packing and selling my house, I figured we could just tell them we were importing the vehicle later and deal with it. Wrong. In order to admit a personal vehicle into the US, it must actually be importable. That's why you need that letter from your car's manufacturer. Which of course I didn't have. When I told the border guard I thought I could do it all later and just drive the car down to get down there, he said, "This is why you always call first. You can't just drive it down. It is your property and so you are importing it and because it's a vehicle, it is subject to certain taxes you would have to pay prior to entry, regardless of whether or not you're doing the paperwork today." Since my car was an old beater (a 2012 car with over 243k on it) and didn't have an OEM Tire Pressure Monitor, it would not be road certifiable in Texas (where we were headed), and the customs officers determined that the car was "unimportable". So we were given a letter explaining the situation, which also stated that neither my teenager nor I were charged with any criminal offences, and that we were admitted to the US as permanent residents, and we were turned around and told to take the car back to Canada. This is where it gets interesting. We drove back across the Ambassador Bridge to Canada Customs. The Customs officer took a look at the letter, looked at our passports and said, "Really? They wouldn't let your car in but you can go? That's crazy. So what are you going to do?" I said I guess I have to figure out how to get rid of the car and try to go back. Then he asked, "Are you both fully vaccinated?" Thank goodness my teen had their second shot exactly two weeks to the day before we decided to cross. I showed the Canada Customs officer our slips evidencing full vaccination from the Ontario Ministry of Health, and he sat there, looking at our documents. Then he handed them all back, except the letter about the car, and said, "Good luck with your car. You can go back. You don't need to quarantine." If it had been any other time, or even a day before, we would have had to have waited another two weeks before we could cross. When we got back over to Windsor, in a matter of 3 hours, I sold my car for scrap and rented a U-Haul. I transferred all of our stuff into the U-Haul, and went back to the same crossing at Detroit. When we crossed, we were met by the border guard who had driven us to the turnaround point with our car. "What did you do with the car?" he asked. "Sold it for scrap." He scanned our passports and asked, "Does the U Haul have any dirt in it?" I told him that the woman at U-Haul had actually just mopped it out before she gave me the keys. He handed back our passports and said, "OK. Good luck today. Have a good drive." And we were off on our two day drive to Houston, Texas. TLDR: no problems with our documents when we crossed, scanned everything, took pics, all good, waiting for our SSNs to start our lives. Thanks, everyone!
  10. We might see you there. We are also crossing on July 17 !
  11. Thanks very much! We are also crossing at Windsor/Detroit so I'll give them a call. My car is completely paid off so she's all mine good luck with your dog! We're driving a cat down...
  12. OK awesome! My car is on its last legs and I am planning on using the money from the sale of my house to buy a new car when I get to Texas. My insurance runs out in August and my underwriters gave me an extension on my policy since it was only a month. I read in another thread about an emissions letter??? I didn't know if I needed that just to drive over as an LPR.
  13. Hey everyone - quick questions for people who may have recently crossed by land border to activate their CR/IR-1 Visas. I am looking for answers in the forums but the thread is from 2009 and it's 2021. I'm guessing a lot of things have changed. Where should I look for answers about filling in Customs forms (using U-Pack), driving over but not importing my car, and what will I have to pay duty on, if anything (I'm bringing a bottle of Midleton I brought back from Ireland in 2006 that is unopened and it was worth a lot of Euros back then). If someone could direct me to the most current info, I'd appreciate it, and I'll report back about my crossing when I go through on July 17. Thanks!
  14. What if you're not importing your car but just driving it over? Does it still need to meet US emission standards? I am driving my very old car over because I can't afford a rental. I won't be importing my car. Thanks.
  15. Hi - did you need a letter or anything to cross with your car when you just drove your car over? I will be driving my personal car but I don't want to import it since it doesn't meet Texas road standards. I just can't afford a rental to drive over the border. Is there anything you had to produce when you drove over with your car? Thanks.
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