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  1. Hi, writing to you as i need help 

    There are couple of queries for DS160 form and submission

    I have a B1/B2 visa and had applied for the same in April 2019 from my company, so the old account exists and i may have to continue with the same. After i login i can update my profile so i will update my personal email - earlier it was company email id.  I’m assuming that the old email address is just a username at this point and doesn’t have any relevance. Correct?
    But i see the DS160 form as the older one, Now if i fill the new form will it automatically take the new form number or i may have to enter the same manually ? will it be okay  ?

    We just don’t want to submit the application and have the old number mess anything up. Please advise on this. If this is confusing.

    And what did you select for PERSON /ENTITY paying for your trip ? 

    Should I mention my current organisation details , as i am on notice period in my firm and will be not working at the time of interview?

  2. Even mine was 1000 more than poverty guideline for household size 3 . Like i said before its all depend consolute. Its not even me who were asked to summit joint sponsor. I see there is few people were asked for joint sponsor in visa journey even there income is just enough but still consider low. Where is your embassy?? Dont worry too much if its in mumbai india consolute . In case they asked you to summit joint sponsor . Its only take 5-6 business days to process. My husabnd got the visa after 5-6 days after summiting joint sponsor documents .
  3. Did ur visa approve?? How long Did it take to clear?? Thabks
  4. Hello everyone, i know you all case must be sorted out by dis time.. can you tell me how long does it took for guys to process AP. Thank you. I got 221g form like you all
  5. I summitted both. I think tax transcript is better than tax return. Tax transcript you can just printed on the online.
  6. Even nvc accepted all the document. But at the interview they will not going to accept petitioner low income. My income was little above povertyguideline. Only 1000 more but its above. In your case if your joint sponsor make atleast 5000-1000 more than poverty guideline. I think it should be ok. But i believe its all depend on ur luck and consolute person mood even you have all the documents if that day is the bad day you wont be getting visa.
  7. Thanks for respond.. wish you good luck n hope you recieve your passport with visa very soon
  8. Hello jennifer, Did you get the 221g form and what documents they asked you to summit?? Where is embassy?? i am going through the same situation. thank you
  9. My husband gave interview on oct/2019 at mumbai embassy for spouse visa (IR1). His visa was refused and ask him yo summit joint sponsor document. He was handed a 221g form. We summited all the require documents after 3 week. A status now show its AP . Can anybody tell me how long does it take to process ? Has anyone been through same situation like i did. Please share
  10. My husband visa was refused oct /2019 and he was handed 221G to summit joint sponsor . Our visa category is IR1. We summited required document after two weeks. Does anybody know how long does it take to process?? Has anyone been through same situation like me?? Please share . Thank you
  11. I am going through same situation . My husband visa was refused due to same reason like urs. He was asked to summit joint sponsor documents. I am sure your case must have resolved by this time. Can you please please tell me how long does your case took after summited the document.. please can you shared your experienced that would so helpful to me. My husband lost the hope of getting the visa. Your respond will be give him some hope Thank you
  12. My husband visa was refused due to his wife low income. He was asked to summit new joint sponsor document. I want to know after he summit all the documents how long does he have to wait to get the visa. Thank you
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