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  1. I’m assuming they’re referring to the NVC welcome letter. If so, it doesn’t matter if the embassies or consulates are open. @Carlcayl I would call the NVC to see if they’ve received your case from USCIS. If not, contact USCIS. Are you an online filer?
  2. Been lurking here every so often, but just wanted to say, I’m rooting for you and your husband LilyJ! You guys are so close!! Exciting to hear that Stockholm’s starting to reschedule interviews!
  3. After ten long months of waiting, we finally got approved today! I saw we had a date change in the morning, then around 2pm, I received a text and email saying our case status changed. MyUSCIS still says “In process,” but above it, it says “Case Closed” and the approval letter is under the documents tab. Our case status has also changed on the old site. Good luck to those who are still waiting! I know it’s discouraging, but your time will come soon!!!
  4. I received a response today. It said, “Your case is currently under review by an officer. We regret that we are not able to give you a time frame for when we will complete the review of your application.” So, back to waiting and checking the case status indefinitely 😅
  5. That’s so interesting! I submitted an inquiry online Friday night and it went through. The email said to expect a response by May 31st.
  6. The officer I spoke to said what takes the longest is verifying things. For example, I think my case might be taking longer because I got married abroad (verifying a Swedish marriage certificate probably takes longer than a domestic one) and my husband got a new passport a month before we applied (they’d need to check his old passport number if they want to see how many times he’s entered the US). Others also think if USCIS is unable to receive an answer from the country they’re verifying with, they’ll leave your case and work on others before coming back eventually. So if you’re lucky, the organization they’re contacting will respond quickly and the case is approved. If not, they play phone tag and approval takes longer.
  7. Thank you! I realized I primarily use my iPad and phone to access MyUSCIS, so I used my laptop today. I was able to download and open the file! It’s labeled as “(Case number-other numbers) Part 1.” It’s basically the first half of my evidence: birth certificate, marriage certificate, timeline of relationship, pictures, and proof of visits.
  8. Yes, by uploaded case I mean the document USCIS uploaded onto MyUSCIS. I also mailed in my application and got an IOE number. I’ve never been able to open that document, so I don’t know what’s on there. I’m assuming it’s part of my case because that’s what everyone else says it is.
  9. It means your case has been touched. It could mean: your case was transferred to another center (a bunch of us got the date change back in Feb 23/24 when they did the mass transfers), you uploaded additional documents and they were added to your file, or someone at USCIS did something to your case (the tier 2 officer I spoke to didn’t specify what preliminary checks they do, but others have said there are background checks; I’d guess they’re checking the validity of your documents). Overall, it should be a good thing. It’s a sign of movement on your case. Most people tend to get approved within a week of date changes. Others get an approval weeks or months later. Some don’t get a date change at all before getting approved. You’ll just have to wait and see.
  10. Hi! I’m in the same boat as you, PD 8/17/19. My uploaded case has never loaded either. I’m getting really discouraged seeing everyone else getting approved. I’m especially jealous of the people who applied online and were approved in 1-3 months! August filers are heading into month 9 of waiting now. Anyway, to answer your question: no, the dates aren’t posted anywhere. It’s just one date that keeps getting updated. Some people log in often and keep track of it, some don’t. Either way, no one knows if it’s anything meaningful. We just like to think it is.
  11. Unfortunately, both spouses have to have a SSN in order for you to get a stimulus check. If you filed married and your spouse only has a ITIN, you’re not eligible for it.
  12. Honestly, no one knows for sure. We all like to speculate that it means someone has touched your file, and you’re getting closer to being approved (since a lot of people say they get approved within a week of it being touched). However, there have also been plenty of people who didn’t get any date changes and then were approved. All you can do is wait and hope that good news comes soon!
  13. Still waiting as well! TSC, but transferred to Potomac. PD is Aug 17. We got date changes on Feb 23, Mar 3, Apr 13, and 14. I swear if it changes again and nothing happens, I’ll flip a table 😅
  14. I also got a date change today. Hopefully this means good news soon!
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