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  1. NOA1 is the letter (officially Form I-797C, Notice of Action). The text you got doesn’t have a name. You got it because you filled out form G-1145. The hard copy NOA1 will tell you to verify your information, give you your receipt number (which you already have from the text) and let you know which service center you were sent to. You will also receive an additional Form I-797C with your access code to create your online account. So all in all, you should be receiving one text and two letters in the mail.
  2. The phone line said 25-35 min the couple of times I called. I waited for 40 minutes then had to leave, so I hung up. Another time I waited for 1.5 hrs, and they never answered. I ended up getting the hard copy before I could get anyone to answer lol. Other people seem to have better luck than me though!
  3. You can either wait for the hard copy letter, or call them to ask. You just need to have your receipt number ready (and a lot of patience because the wait is long!)
  4. Received the NOA1 in the mail today! Priority date is 8/19. We were sent to Texas.
  5. I finally got a text today! IOE number as well. Nervous to find out which service center we were sent to!
  6. Hi everyone! I haven’t seen a thread for August filers yet, so I decided to start one. I sent our package on August 12th. USPS marked delivered on August 14th. Still waiting on a text/email notification. How are you other August filers doing?
  7. Yes, I included wedding photos of us with his family and friends. I also included multiple pictures of us with friends and family throughout the years. I printed out a large selection of pictures of us, so I’m not really worried about that. Thanks for your response!
  8. Yes, we've talked a lot on Facebook Messenger. I have screenshot and printed out four snippets, each from a different year. Should I screenshot call logs too? As for the other evidence you listed, we have none of those because we have always lived separately. He is a full-blooded Swede, born and raised there. I met him while I was studying abroad in Sweden; he was my hallmate.
  9. Thank you for your response! It's nice to see someone else with a spouse from Scandinavia. My husband lives in Skane, and we are always traveling out of CPH! Will note everything you said. Another question though, do you think it's necessary to include a few screenshots of chat history? Or any receipts from the wedding? We had a small reception at my mother-in-law's house, and don't have receipts for many expenses since we cooked and served ourselves.
  10. Hi! I am in the process of completing the I-130 packet for my husband and wanted to get some feedback on it. Some background info: Husband is from Sweden and is currently still living there. We've been dating for 3 years and just got married two weeks ago. Here is what I have so far: Personal check for $535 Form G-1145 Form I-130 Form I-130A Copy of petitioner's U.S. birth certificate Print-out of beneficiary's personbevis (equivalent of birth certificate in Sweden, I know it's not needed, but we wanted to front-load) 2 passport-style pictures (Petitioner) 2 passport-style pictures (Beneficiary, again front-loading since I already have the pictures) Copy of marriage certificate Evidence of bonafide marriage: -Timeline/explanation of our relationship and marriage (a couple of short paragraphs explaining how we met, how the relationship developed, and future plans) -Pictures spanning the entirety of our time together, included pictures with family and friends, and wedding day pictures (roughly 11 pages, 30 pictures total) -Dates of our visits, and the accompanying stamps from both passports -Itineraries/boarding passes from trips we've taken together (I printed these out from emails, and only included pages with relevant info on them. I can remove the extra pages with ads, right?) -Receipts from two gifts he's purchased for me (they show that the billing address is his, shipping is mine) -Scan of two cards we got from his relatives on our wedding day -Scan of an envelope I sent him (it shows the postmark. Do I need to scan the letter that was inside of it?) and postcard I sent him when I was traveling in Asia Is this enough evidence? I also have two affidavits. One is written by my mother-in-law and the other is a friend of my husband who attended the wedding. I had also asked a friend of mine to write one (because he traveled to Sweden to visit us while I was there last winter), but I keep reading on here that it's not needed, and letters become more of a nuisance than anything. Should I just omit them? Last, regarding the I-130A form: I sent it to my husband and he filled it out. I know he does not need to sign it because he is overseas, but I have read other responses where it was recommended to list myself as the preparer. Is that necessary, or can I leave that part blank? Thank you so much for your time!
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