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  1. My husband had his passport sent to the ICA near his home in Gothenburg. It took two days after the visa was issued. (Issued on the 2nd, ICA had it on the 4th)
  2. Aww I mean, you could always give it a try! Worst case, they say no and just tell you to wait.
  3. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much you can do. As far as I know, the embassy is still only issuing spousal visas. An expedite wouldn’t do anything except put you at the front of the line until they resume K1 services.
  4. We expedited our case! If you have any valid reasons (and proof of them), I would give it a shot. It seems like the embassy is very sympathetic during this pandemic.
  5. Aww, post-visit blues are always the worst. Hang in there!! The day you are living together will be so worth it! Thank you! Haha Sweden really is the place to be. 😅 I just returned from visiting not long ago. It was the best feeling getting away from all of the political turmoil and COVID-related madness here. Life actually felt normal for once!
  6. The embassy received the medical exam results and we were officially approved today! This all happened in the middle of the night for me, so I was unintentionally waking up every hour just to check the status on NVC. Luckily, it only took about 3 hours before it finally said "Issued"! The last wait is for my husband's passport to be returned. I cannot believe that after almost 4 years of long distance (and a tumultuous 2020 with COVID-19 messing up everyone's plans), we will finally be living in the same country. No more airport goodbyes, bad internet connections, or dreading when each visit will end! Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone on VJ. The immigration process is long and daunting, but it was so nice to have a community of people who are knowledgeable, supportive and helpful! I wish everyone on here the best of luck. I know that we will all be reunited with our loved ones soon!
  7. We have gotten our official approval today! Now we wait for the passport to be returned. In case anyone wants to know a recent timeline of the medical results: my husband had his appointment completed on Aug. 20th at the Gothenburg location. The doctor originally assured him that the results would arrive on time for our interview on the 28th, but it was delayed. There is currently a backlog for the radiologist who reads the chest x-ray results, so he/she was unable to get to it until the 28th. The clinic sent the final results on Monday, and the embassy received them this morning. The embassy emailed us to let us know and ask for another copy of the waybill (they said they never received it, but they took it from my husband? Lol). Within 3-ish hours, everything was finished and the visa was issued.
  8. Hi Everyone! My husband just had his interview. We are approved, just waiting on the medical exam results. We got it done on Aug 20th, so it should hopefully arrive soon! Anyway, my husband arrived about 20 minutes early, and was asked to wait outside for 5 minutes for another staff worker to come. Once inside, he did the security screening. He said you are allowed to have anything but a laptop. They took his phone and placed it in a slot, and gave him a tag to retrieve it. After that, he waited 5-10 mins before being called to the counter. The woman asked for his: personbevis (counts as his birth certificate and our marriage license since we got married in Sweden), police certificate, financial documents (both I-864 from me and our joint sponsor, and only our joint sponsor's taxes), and proof of relationship. He said the woman also asked him how we met, and who the joint sponsor was, but this wasn't part of the interview. The documents were scanned and returned to him. Lastly, after waiting another 5-10 minutes, he was called to the next window where the CO was training someone. He was asked: Where does your spouse live? How did you meet? How did the relationship start? When was the last time you met? They also asked a few questions about his last visit to the US because apparently there were notes added to his file (he was here in March when the pandemic started) but it did not relate to the interview. The CO was just confused about why the notes were there. All in all, it took about 45 min between the time he entered and left the building.
  9. My husband just finished his interview at the embassy. Aside from waiting for the medical exam results to arrive, we are approved!
  10. We got the “interview was cancelled” and “expedite was approved” emails a day apart. Once we got the “expedite was approved” email, the case status changed to “In Transit.” The day after, it changed to “Ready.” The interview appointment email/letter came 2 days after that (I also noticed that the case status was updated that same day the email was sent). Hope that helps!! Congrats on getting the notification though! You’re almost there!!!
  11. Aw, I wish I knew that you could transit through CPH. My husband lives in Lund. I ended up getting a flight from LAX to GOT instead. Anyway, like everyone said, your wife can visit you and you can visit her. Either way works. If she is going to visit you, I would avoid transiting through Amsterdam! The U.S. embassy recommends avoiding Schiphol because they have denied U.S. citizens entry into the EU even if they are transiting (however, a layover in Amsterdam on the way to the U.S. is acceptable). I chose the KLM/Air France flight that transited through Paris instead. The entire process was very quick. At LAX, they asked for my husband’s picture id (I had a scan of his passport), vigselbevis, and personbevis (she wanted proof of marriage with my name and date of birth on it). I wasn’t asked any questions at CDG, the border officer just asked me to remove my mask so he could see my face. Then he stamped my passport and wished me a nice trip. I didn’t have to go through security at GOT, so after I landed, I got to see my husband straight away. Also, your wife technically needs to get a negative COVID PCR test result (within 72 hrs of the flight). France requires proof of it and their health statement for flying. I was never asked for these, but I would still get them in case. As far as Sweden’s requirements, (my husband called and asked) they say to have proof of relationship, and your return flight too to make things easier if needed.
  12. Update: received an interview date for August 28th! We’re a bit bummed the turnaround wasn’t sooner (I am flying to see my husband and help pack/say goodbye to his friends and family soon, so it would’ve been nice to be able to fly home together!) but thankful to finally have an end date. I did try asking for an earlier date, but they said they are operating at a limited capacity and were booked for all of August already. Based on the dates we’ve seen here, maybe they’re only interviewing on specific days (like Tuesdays and Fridays)? Either way, it looks like they’re working on the backlog though!
  13. We got an email from the embassy this morning. We officially have an interview date for August 28th! So stoked to be nearing the end of this long process!!
  14. Hi Everyone! I was a bit inspired by the previous couples getting expedites, so I decided to try it for myself! We've been waiting for DQ at the NVC stage (only had a RFE on one form left), but I did not want to wait any longer. I emailed the embassy with the request, and they responded a couple days later asking me to email NVC instead since we weren't DQ'ed yet. I did that on Sunday night (7/19), and this morning (7/23), we got an email saying the embassy "is willing to expedite this case" once the NVC has reviewed everything. We got DQ shortly after, so just waiting to hear from the embassy now!
  15. We got DQ today! We received a RFE a couple of weeks ago (small mistake on my form I-864--I typed the date and did a wet signature. They wanted me to handwrite the date as well). We've been planning on requesting an expedite, but didn't want to wait any longer for DQ, so I emailed the embassy last week. They asked me to email the NVC instead, and this morning we got the approval! DQ came within an hour after that email. For those interested in the timeline- Submitted docs: 6/19/20 RFE: 7/8/20 Requested expedite: 7/19/20 Expedite approved: 7/23/20 DQ: 7/23/20
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