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  1. You can send the your P3 and hope for the best, or wait for the 2nd Ready (about a week later) and send the P3. Or wait for the P3 before sending.
  2. My pleasure. I had the same feeling, but was starting to lose hope because it is already getting late. Thank God, I didn't quit refreshing Actually after I made the payment, I saw the others dates as well. But in the initial screen, it just said Nov 6th.
  3. On a positive note, you got approved the first time. Sending blessings your way!
  4. It says to contact National Visa Center and the US Embassy. Taking the Consulates advise would be your best move. See if you can find a number for the National Visa Center or Embassy. Otherwise, stay on top of the email and follow up emails. Good luck & God Bless.
  5. Same boat here... constantly checking. YES please update us here if you see dates open. I will do the same. They open multiple dates mostly on Wednesdays, historically.
  6. Not hold the date... correspondence and inquiry would suffice. Any company would provide pricing and menus for free. High end or low end places, all over the country. Ask for a quote, have them put the bride and grooms name and the details... with date stating "to follow" or "to be discussed"
  7. I don't know about the percentage, most do get away with a simple intent to marry "with WET SIGNATURE," but the OP got an RFE. At the end of the day it is at the consulates/interviewers discretion. We all are at their mercy. All we can do is give what they ask in order to lessen the delay of our application. Or fight it and risk it, at worst, getting denied. Example of proofs you can gather: Engagement/proposal photos engagement ring or wedding ring receipts save the date (even with a note saying date might change). Evite is free and digital, would take but a short time to create. wedding dress receipts correspondence with caterers, hotels, DJ's asking for pricing - usually they give a quote, write on event date "TO BE DISCUSSED" There are many more ideas if you research the net. If there is a will, there is a way...
  8. Got our first "READY" woohooo... it says case is ready for you to schedule an interview. Is that consistent with the FIRST ready?
  9. This is all too real... my best friends cousin was brutally murdered by her husband a year after coming to the US (jealousy, possessiveness and etc is all we know). Please remember SAFETY FIRST!
  10. DS-160 is for Non-Immigrant DS-260 is for Immigrant K1 is Non-Immigrant Visa but is treated as Immigrant in some ways (like searching on CEAC), because of the upcoming nuptials. Very confusing for everyone... but it is how it is, unfortunately.
  11. I can sympathize with you as I have family members who waited 20+ years to get to the US as a "single person." She couldn't get married due to her petition stating she is single, or she would have to start all over again with the process. I have a brother who is still left in our home country because he did get married. Fiances have 90 days to become spouses. You have to agree that spouses have to be a priority? I understand you are frustrated, waiting 6 months+ is hard enough for most while you count years. But please don't downplay how strangers meet and fall in love. I'm sure you have a beautiful love story yourself where you met a stranger and fell in love. Through the same strangers' father you will get to the US in due time. On a side note, I met my fiance over 30 years ago, we just reconnected. The struggle is real for all of us! Good luck and God Bless
  12. Looks like old fashion paper for Nigeria... The DHL hacks shows 5 files got processed.
  13. That's what I was thinking, that it might ask it after. Thanks for clarifying. I didn't want to miss anything if at all possible
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