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  1. Ah, I see. Beneficiary is a French citizen living in Canada, hence the French flag.
  2. Thanks @Greenbaum. Frankly that’s a bit of a relief to know since so far according to both websites we don’t have an approval, meaning if Tier 1 is as reliable as the websites, there’s still hope that we may already be approved. My beneficiary and I are both living in Canada so it takes quite a bit longer for the mail to get to us. We are chomping at the bit to get that NOA2 because that’s when I can start to get the ball rolling on moving back to the US and getting a job lined up etc before my beneficiary’s interview. Tricky timing as we want to minimize paying rent in two places at once! I just called earlier and ask to be transferred to a Tier 2, and I was told I would get a callback in 880 minutes! 😂
  3. Can anyone speak to the reliability of Tier 1 agents giving out real-time case status updates? Or are they just reading off the same database as one of the websites?
  4. FedEx'd overnight our file last Thursday and credit card was charged this morning at 6 am (thanks for the notification, Apple Pay!) and electronic NOA1 followed later this afternoon. Off we go!!
  5. My best guess is that because I filled it out by hand, there was a misinterpretation of my handwriting, though I thought it was pretty tidy! I've printed a new form and filled it out digitally, and triple checked all the info! Spoke to someone at USCIS this evening who said that if I can speak to a Tier 2 agent tomorrow they may be able to give me more specifics about what went wrong. Will try that and plan to mail everything back in the morning if I don't receive any new information. All in all, an annoying but not catastrophic delay...
  6. So our application was rejected because there was a problem with the credit card form. What that problem is, I couldn’t tell you. My bank said there were no attempted/declined transactions, and my photocopy of the form looks correct, so I’m not sure what to change before I resend everything. I tried calling USCIS for some clarity but got lost in a maze of automated options... On the bright side, they sent everything back to us so no reprinting required! 🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. Lol I know I know and even if it isn’t a confirmation of acceptance we’re so early in the process that it wouldn’t be even a huge setback anyway. Do NOA1s usually come fedex overnight when you’re filing abroad?
  8. Y'all we missed an overnight FedEx delivery today (we're both in Canada) from Lewisville, TX and I'm having a mild freakout because we haven't received the digital NOA1 nor has my credit card been charged yet. Hoping the application wasn't just flat out rejected?? Application was delivered USPS on March 26th. And now we wait for tomorrow's redeliver attempt, bah.
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