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  1. Alright folks, need some input here. We got an RFIE for proof of income. I didn't include any proof of income aside from my tax returns because I have a joint sponsor, so I didn't think it was required. My income meets the requirement but it's a new job and not permanent yet, so we're using a joint sponsor to be safe. I plan to fill out a new I-864 for myself (as I've since filed 2019 taxes) and resubmit with appropriate supporting docs. Ok. Simple enough. But they also want proof of income for my joint sponsor. I didn't include W2s or anything because we sent the tax transcript. My understanding was the transcript trumps supporting documents? My joint sponsor's income is well over the income requirement and has several income sources aside from principle employment (which is enough to qualify on its own). In order to simplify, can we just send the W2 and employment letter or do we need to hunt down "all supporting tax documents" to go along with the tax transcript? The last bullet point contradicts the second, saying the documents submitted for the joint sponsor's I-864 does not show income that meets or exceeds the poverty guidelines based on household size. The previous bullet point says "income listed is an amount considered to be sufficient". Again, we submitted a tax transcript which shows enough income. Household size was listed as 3 (joint sponsor, their spouse, and the immigrant). what?
  2. No it was some lady in her own office they made him go see, I guess she was not pleasant. We called USCIS afterwards and he said changing the name in the passport is not required, but wanted to have reassurance from those who attended their green card interviews with passports in their birth name and applications in married name.
  3. My husband is getting his biometrics today and the immigration officer just told him that he needs to have his name changed on his passport before he can proceed with the AOS process (they are letting him proceed with the fingerprints today). I feel like this is BS but he’s panicking. He doesn’t need to change his passport to his married name, right? Plus he’s French and he said they don’t change their names for marriage sooooo 🤷🏼‍♀️
  4. It’s technically “ours” - furniture and household goods we paid for jointly. We considered CR1 but we wanted to be able to physically move to the US sooner, even if it meant my fiancé can’t work right away. We also weren’t even formally engaged until after we filed for the K1, so it would have felt weird and forced to have a shotgun wedding just to be able to file for the CR1. Ultimately came down to the timing we wanted for our move and our marriage.
  5. Hi all, Fiance and I have been cohabitating in Canada for several years (I was living in Canada for much longer), but I just moved back to the US early to start a new job while fiance awaits visa issuance. I (USC) was planning on returning to Canada to help with the official move-out, as well as drive our stuff across the border into the States myself to load a Uhaul container, thereby avoiding Uhaul's international shipping rates. (The quote doubled for a Canadian address, even though it's just 45 minutes away!) Fiance will of course not participate as we do not intend to activate his K1 visa at that time. My understanding is that as a US Citizen returning to the US after living abroad, I can bring in my household goods duty free. I want to make sure it's okay that I essentially drop it off across the border for shipment, then return to Canada to fly back to the US the next day. Any reason why this could be problematic? Anything I should be aware of? Is my plan sound??
  6. Got packet 4 today and was able to book an interview right away, woo! So relieved to be done estimating timelines (for now!). Now to spend the next two months triple checking all the documents...🤪
  7. Finally got a chance to call NVC and our case number has been assigned and it’s getting shipped out today, yay! I think I remember something about being able to decipher when the NVC received our case by our particular case number, does anyone have that formula handy? Just curious...
  8. Ok so we just can’t finish/submit it until our file has arrived at the consulate and we have a ready status?
  9. Haha so true! We live in Montreal and were definitely hoping to be out of here before the snow arrives!!
  10. Same, originally I was hopeful for a fall interview but now it looks like we’ll be lucky if we get one in November. Might be a blessing in disguise in our case, since we are living in Canada together and now that we have NOA2, I (the petitioner) am about to start the process finding a new job back home and hopefully having everything lined up before the interview. But I still want it to go fast because I am impatient!! 😂
  11. Starting this thread for those of us headed to Montreal to interview... When should we start DS-160? Does it require the case number from NVC?
  12. Oh and - first found out via email directly from USCIS, old site updated but not new. Apps: Case Tracker shows approved, Lawfully does not. Did not receive push notification from Case Tracker.
  13. I think posting here is the lucky trick because we just got approved!!!!!! NOA1 4/09 NOA2 7/30
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